Poetry – Hate – Who makes the hate?



It seems to me that behind all the hate are people stirring it up, feeding in the lies, poking for an opening.

They have their reasons.

Perhaps it is about power?

Perhaps they enjoy cruelty?

Perhaps they gain pleasure out of chaos and misery.

The psychopaths and sociopaths are full of self-importance and hatred.

It is so easy to create. Yet what does it achieve? Division, war and cruelty.

So who are these preachers of hatred?

Isn’t it time we told them all to simply desist?

Tolerance, love and brother/sisterhood – that is what I preach.




Hate for the heretic.

Hate for the non-believer.

Hate for the apostate.

Hate for the deceiver.

Hate for the foreigner.

Hate for a colour.

Hate for everything

Makes the world so much duller.


There’s a world run on hate and fear.


Love and tolerance for the different –

Celebrate – and why not?

For who preaches all this hate?

And what do they want?


Opher 18.4.2016

12 thoughts on “Poetry – Hate – Who makes the hate?

    1. The unknown ofttimes create a discordance in the minds of people who are stuck in a cycle that is neither beneficial to themselves, or others. People become caught in other peoples cycles and their own, which makes the process of true change difficult to arise.
      Its those few that understand this nature, and help remedy the broken, that are worth living for.
      We are examples of the change, yet we are not higher nor lower than anyone else, all but equal.

  1. Good Afternoon Opher. The World is full of hate. My mother was always annoying my Father by saying she “hated this one and that one”, hate is poisonous, it destroys, it is pointless but will hate that breeds so much violence ever be eradicated, no it won’t. Perhaps we in the West have created the situations for so much hate which now is shown in Paris, Belgium and the rest.

    As you can see I am not in Colchester, went to bed 5am for some reason, had a really bad night with shoulder and not much better now, so the hair saga goes on.

    1. Afternoon Anna.
      Yes the world is full of hate. But there are more people who love than hate in reality. Whereever I’ve been in the world and needed help I’ve found people willing to go out of their way to be kind and helpful. That gives me hope. People aren’t all bad.

  2. Don’t hit me, but where does this sentence put the haters in our life? “Tolerance, love and brother/sisterhood – that is what I preach.” Does that mean we have to have tolerance for them, too, and what do we do with them? That having been said, I do agree with you. It’s the getting the haters on board that’s the problem.

    1. I believe we should tolerate differences, even celebrate it, and look to built a fellowship and love between all people. I do not advocate tolerating hatred or the people who stir up the hatred. In the poem, and foreword, I was advocating that we stop allowing these people to stir us up, stop listening to the speeches of hatred, try to understand why those people are spouting hatred, counter it and tell them loudly to stop. If all the people out in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan and the rest all stood up and said – ‘stop! We are not listening. This is creating more hatred, war and misery’ perhaps we could move on.

      1. Makes sense. I was wondering if you were saying we HAD to tolerate them. I wouldn’t have agreed with that. But I always have to remind myself, then, to not become like them. I have to ask myself what do I do with MY anger in dealing with them…

      2. I think it’s perfectly justified to be furious at the concept, philosophy and actions. But we have to divorce that from hating the people. I hate every thing Boko Haram, ISIS and all those other fanatics stand for and do. I think it is thoroughly evil. But I do not believe that hatred directed at the people will solve anything. We need to find a way of countering the madness not adding to it.

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