My favourite writers – a list.

It is always dangerous doing a list. You always miss someone off. Never mind – it is fun.

These are the writers I have greatly enjoyed through my life. They’ve made me laugh, cry, wonder and above all – THINK. They’ve drawn me in to different worlds, different lives and different minds. They’ve taught me about myself and they’ve entertained me.

Margaret Atwood

Haruki Murakami

Iain Banks

George Orwell

D H Lawrence

Enid Blyton

Jack Kerouac

John Fowles

Ken Kesey

Allen Ginsberg

Robert Sheckley

Julian Barnes

Lynne Reid-Banks

John Steinbeck

Kazuo Ishiguro

Robert Heinlein

Arthur C Clarke

Bob Dylan

Patti Smith

Jasper Fforde

Terry Pratchett

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Gunter Grass

Christopher Hitchins

William Burroughs

Salman Rushdie

Ian McEwan

Sebastian Faulkes

Charles Dickens

Anthony Burgess

F Scott Fitzgerald

Gerald Durrell

William Golding

Ernest Hemmingway

Nick Hornby

Stephen King

Henry Miller

Stieg Larsson

Andrea Levy

Edmund Cooper

Desmond Morris

Hilary Mantel

Will Self

JRR Tolkein

Robert Tressell

Kurt Vonnegut Jnr

Alan Sillitoe

Richard Brautigan

Spike Milligan

Joseph Heller

Norman Mailer

Larry Niven

Poul Anderson

John Brunner

Michael Moorcock

Aldous Huxley

Philip K Dick

Douglas Adams

Frederik Pohl

John Wyndham

There’s bound to be some really good ones I’ve missed off. But that gives you an idea.

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