Poetry – Treadmill – a poem about the life we get caught up in.

Sometimes we seem to be going at life with our heads down, trying to keep up and never getting anywhere. We lose sight of the most important things and get caught up in the trivia.

The little things clog up our minds and take up all our time and energy. We can only glimpse the things that are important to us. Love, friendship, creativity and our passions go out the window – there’s no time left.

The modern life is so destructive. The pace of life and pressure becomes insane. We need to take time-out and reconnect with nature. But the life we lead often prevents us doing that.


We are living in this treadmill

That keeps ever going faster

Spinning our silk cocoons

Spiralling towards disaster


It’s hard to see through the webs we weave

To glimpse what it is we’re doing

It’s so hard to see where the energy goes

As we spin this web of ruin


So what is this whirlwind we’re harnessing?

The trap we make of life?

Dieting on light slipping through the walls

As the spinning produces strife


Surrounded with the baubles

Attached to the threads around us

Blind to the horizon

Where love can never find us


Our home can be a prison

And the planet much too small

The mental tendrils we weave

Produce a steely wall


OPHER 29.1.97

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