Poem – Pointless Singularity – A poem about purpose in the face of a meaningless universe – love.

I wrote this poem in response to the questions from religious friends. Religion gave them purpose. They cannot live with the knowledge that the universe happened by chance and our lives have no ultimate purpose.

I can.

The meaning and purpose in life comes from what we believe in and fight for. I believe in creativity, love, justice, freedom and equality. My morality is based on those things too. I do not need religion to give me purpose or morality. Mine morality is clearer because it is rational and has reason. It makes sense because it is for the greatest good. I respect all life, people, the planet and myself. I do not require a god to furnish me with instructions.

My purpose is to create love, happiness and make the world better. My art, writing, travel, wonder, reading, love, enjoyment, awe, social work and politics give me fulfilment. I do not need eternity nor heaven.

This poem is about love.


Pointlessly crawling and scrabbling up the beach

To question the wind and stars

In a universe that is beyond the scope of sighs.


Meaninglessly scribbling and cajoling through the ideas

To challenge the sense of nothing

In a dream that is full of where’s and why’s.


Using the sky as my signpost

The countryside as an endless poem

I tend the fires of desire

Recording the lies of the facts I’m knowing

If you pass me in the meadow

Strangely smiling as the cows chew cud

Stop and exchange a pleasant thought

In awareness that we share the same blood

Though meaning may escape us

And the idea of destiny is quite absurd

We’ll know more than teeming masses

Of the transient human herd

And the love we share will provide the purpose


Opher 16.1.96

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