Burnt at the stake for speaking the truth! – That’s religious fanaticism for you!

giordbreast giordanogiordano_bruno600px

Giordano Bruno was a genius.  He lived in the late sixteenth century. He was a follower of Nicolaus Copernicus .

Giordano stated three things:

a. That Jesus was not divine

b. The sun was the centre of the solar system

c. The universe was infinite and had an infinite number of habitable planets

The Christian Church (loving, kind and nurturing) took exception to his words. They pinioned his tongue so that he could no longer speak the heresy and burnt him at the stake.

This is what ISIS are doing right now. This is what religious fanatics and fundamentalists do when they have power.

Fortunately we had an Enlightenment in Europe and fought for the right of Free Speech. We no longer get burnt to death in agony for heresy.