Poem – You don’t own me – No you don’t – poem of individuality

The politicians, advertisers, persuaders, religious leaders, friends, employers and colleagues all try to get your attention, change your mind, indoctrinate your thoughts, sway you over, get you to agree, urge you to change your mind, subliminally get in your head, convince you and tie you down.

People want you to be like them.

I’m me.

Ownership is only borrowing. We have to give it all back eventually. We need to ensure we do not damage it while it is in our possession.

Some people think they can buy people and do what they like to the planet. They need opposing.

Everything here is to share.


You don’t own the air

And you can’t buy the sea

And you can’t own me


You can’t own the land

And the sky’s always free

You can’t hold infinity


You can’t even cage an atom

In a redwood tree

You don’t have to wait an eternity


You’re just passing through

Borrowing to be

Owning nothing – indefinitely


You can’t own the air

You can’t buy the sea

And you don’t own me.


5.12.95  OPHER

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