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I have been a great supporter of multiculturalism but have begun to view the concept with suspicion.

I believe Respect is what it is all about. We should have Respect for each other, Respect for differences and Respect for beliefs.

Multiculturalism was an attempt to build bridges between cultures, mine respect and celebrate the values of all cultures.

Where it has failed is in my opinion a question of emphasis. It has become an obstacle to integration. It reinforced the culture of the minority culture and removed the need to integrate. The respect for the minority cultures has created apartness and resulted in enclaves.

I believe multiculturalism needs a re-launch. It’s aims should be respect, celebration and integration with the mainstream culture. We should be breaking down barriers, reasserting the values of our dominant culture, welcoming in minorities and acknowledging the worth and enrichment other cultures bring.

We need a policy to prevent this breaking down of our country into ghettos based on race and culture. We need an integrated society with shared values and respect.