ISIS vandalism of historic sites – a symptom of ignorance, disrespect and stupidity.

hatra hatra 0f99e7dd79aa65d6e23d807189b7a6b7 Hatra Hercules_Hatra_Iraq_Parthian_period_1st_2nd_century_CE

ISIS seem intent on destroying the heritage of the world in their ignorant treatment of their own history.

The region was the seat of civilisation right up to the time of Mohamed. Agriculture, writing, mathematics and science were created and flourished. The area contains the historic roots of culture.

But what is culture and art to a savage?

With utter disdain for the rest of humanity the uneducated ignoramuses are destroying what they do not understand. For them all that matters is Mohamed and his teachings. Everything else that exists is blasphemy.

It is a sad, intolerant attitude that is the ultimate in intolerance. No other view is permissible. No other religion is tolerated. No other culture respected.

Where-ever Islam has gone it has desecrated and destroyed culture. India is littered with the result. Hindu and Buddhist temples with statues and facades destroyed. Through Turkey and Jordan you find icons defaced.

It is a tragic bigotry.

The recent destruction of the wonderful Buddhas’ of Bamiyan in Afghanistan was an act of unprecedented wanton destruction; a crime against all humanity. They destroyed their own heritage and discarded it as of no worth. In the future, when Islam is no more, it will be seen by their descendants as a crime. They will feel rightly robbed.

Now ISIS is destroying the ancient palaces, statues and building of Hatra and Nerdrum; places of startling beauty and human ingenuity. It is mindless.

If more evidence is needed for their fanatical intolerance; this provides it. They are fascist Philistines!