Je suis Charlie – What a shame the murderers were killed!!

It is a great shame that the murderers were killed. I cannot help thinking that in their misguided logic it is what they wanted. They and the other religious fanatics really believe that they are martyrs and will wake up in paradise.

There are brainwashed fools. No sane God would give their blessing to callous murderers. The Yemen fanatics behind this are nice and safe hundreds of miles away.

Charlie Hebdo

No man is above the law. The murderers would have been better dealt with in a court where their barbaric crimes could be spelt out. They would have been committed to prison for life and had a long, long time to contemplate how they have been duped.

In order to combat immoral people it is necessary to be completely spotless. I wish they had not been shot.

I hope the whole sane Muslim community of the world unites to condemn this abuse of Islam. Young people the world over need to be told in no uncertain terms that this sort of murder does not result in paradise; it is not allowed by the teachings in the Koran and it is not condoned by any God.

If there was a God they would have to explain their actions. They are cold-blooded killers. The courts were the best place to ascertain their guilt.

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  1. Show kann anfangen,Russland über Frankreich ausgleiche seine minus im Kasse wegen EU Sanktionen. Also EU ist über Araber russischen wirschaft kaputt gemacht mit Oil preise, jetzt Russland heiß Kartoffeln  schmeißt  bei  EU aber im französischen handele.Ale Attributes sagst das diese terroristische Akt nur bei  Russland kann bringen was gutes.

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