Anthropocene Apocalypse – the solution

In the past two hundred years human beings have become out of control. We have moved from a species with relatively small numbers, using wind and animal power to do our work and travel, to a accelerating population with technology based of fossil fuels for power, causing immense damage and pollution. We have reached a point where we are destroying the planet at an alarming rate, chopping down natural habitat, decimating the wild-life and causing mass extinction.

Any fool can see that this cannot go on indefinitely. We are sowing the seeds of our own demise. Action needs to be taken.

Here are the things that need to happen:

1. We limit our population through birth control, education, and social support for times of ill-health and old-age.

2. We put aside 50% of the wilderness for wilderness and protect the wild-life in it from poachers and exploiters.

3. We develop efficient green technologies and move away from fossil fuels or polluting energy production.

4. We have global laws regarding pollution and conservation and enforce them stringently.

5. We restrict our fishing, hunting and destruction of forests to sustainable levels.

6. We value all the awesome species we have on this planet and give them a place where they can live without us encroaching.

It does not seem rocket-science to me. It seems sensible. It is time we grew out of this mad dash for growth and expansion into a more caring way of living. It is time we created a fairer, more equal world order. It is time we started caring about the beautiful world we live in. And above-all it is time we stopped breeding like rabbits.

The future will not take care of itself. We are creating it. Our numbers are threatening the climate and ecosystem. I want to live on a planet with room for chimps, gorillas, rhinos and elephants. There is surely room for us all!

We need to act now before it is too late! Help build the zeitgeist!

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