James Varda – The Doctor Spoke – sums up the genius of the Chance and Time album.

It is almost impossible to select a stand out track from this brilliant album. The Doctor Spoke is a song that is special. It is rare to hear a song that deals with such a sad scenario as a diagnosis of death and yet manages to change it into a celebration of the wonder of life.

The song is beautifully constructed. It is delicate, moving and charged with emotion. Yet it builds from the diagnosis where there is nothing that can be done to a joyous song that celebrates the beauty of what we have in this short sojourn in this amazing universe. We are all only here for such a limited time. The duty is to appreciate it, treat it with awe and make the very most of it.

As with cancer the Big Bang started small. Whereas cancer can bring a negative outcome the Big Bang gave rise to a universe to marvel at. The chances of life ever beginning was astronomically small – yet it has happened. We are here to prove it. The wondrous world we live in with all its rivers, trees, rocks, birds, bees and seas is a great place to spend a life. It is so much better than the nothing it all could have so easily been.

A life is something. We should cherish every second of it. Our life is a miracle of short duration.

If this is Jame’s legacy then it is a fine one that will live long into the future. We all leave ripples that change the world.

In this age of easily consumed trite Pop dross it is such a refreshing change to have an album of great songs with such depth.

This is an album everybody should buy and play endlessly. It is really something. Thank you James.

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