Extract from Opher’s new book – Opher’s Art and Outpourings. pt7

IMG_6517Man with child – 1976

Caring for children is not just for females! I got immense pleasure out of looking after my kids. The love is absolute. Men do not have to be hard, cold and vicious. We don’t just have a female side that is soft and gentle; it can be the essence of our being.

All this macho posturing is bullshit. It’s not tough to smack each other in the mouth; it’s primitive crap. We don’t have to go out there pretending to be the big hunter/soldier. We can smile and cuddle. It’s allowed.

Being tough is standing up to injustice whatever the cost.

Being tough is taking the side of the weak and downtrodden and making sure they get a fair share.

Being tough is taking care of your loved ones without resorting to violence.

Being tough is saying sorry.

Being tough is doing what is right in the face of pressure from all those around you.

Being tough is being true to your inner self.

Men are happier in relationships and relationships require working on. You can’t bring up a baby without a million cuddles. Nothing is ever more fulfilling that the unconditional love, hugs and laughter of a child.

Words of love heal.

A laugh and a smile make life worth living.

Our children need their fathers every minute of every day; they need them happy, content and full of laughter and love. What could be more important.

In Africa they used to say that it takes a whole village to bring up a child well. In these days of confusion, violence and anxiety it requires a whole family’s love.