The World is all Sci-fi!!

The World is all Sci-fi!!

 Writing January 29, 2021

It seems to me that the driving force behind all technological and scientific development, as well as design, is imagination. Once something has been imagined by a human mind it inspires people to make it real.

The early Sci-fi writers described future worlds with sleek modernistic vehicles and spacecraft. They had descriptions of futuristic cities and travel between planets. In Sci-fi stories craft could journey faster than the speed of light, there were parallel worlds and different dimensions and universes. You could even travel through time.

Once the ideas have been invented human minds start working on them.

These days we live in the world that has been created by the ideas imagined in Sci-fi novels. The views of those early Sci-fi writers have been realised in the architecture and design of cars, in clothing and in materials used.

We have a a world revolving around computers, robots, satellites, mobile phones and rockets. We have been to the moon and are planning trips to the planets.

We have nuclear energy, supersonic planes and bullet trains.

Our physicists have discovered black holes, quasars and quantum. Polyverses are a real possibility and folds in space may enable faster than light travel.

We live in a world that people a hundred years ago would have considered impossible science fiction fantasy. If someone from 1900 was to come into our time they would be amazed. Our gadgetry would astound them.

It is quite likely that in another hundred years time many other Sci-fi ‘ideas’ might become reality. Perhaps advances in physics will enable us to journey through time or out to distant galaxies? Perhaps nanotechnology will alter engineering and A/I will have ushered in a new era of self-driven vehicles?

The world of the future will increasingly look like the descriptions in Sci-fi books.

I would suggest that it is the Sci-fi writers who have made it possible. They inserted the seeds of possibility.

If someone can imagine it then somebody else will eventually make it happen.



This is the age of progress when no minutes are the same

Crashing through the global wastes as we play the game.

Possession is the mandate and ownership the key.

Seven billion strong and striving on

When what is really owned

Is you and me.

In the world of progress the planet’s a car boot sale.

We are all hunting for bargains and doing very well.

And who’s to tell the mother not to kill for her child.

Wrestle the land and make a stand

Fencing bush to make it safe

Managing the wild.

Five TVs is progress;

A car and house and wife

DVDs and mortgages,

Safety through this life.

We consume the labels and go playing status games

Nature in its reservations to sell for business aims.

And those that own the most are setting all the rules;

Ethics and morality, leisure banality,

Managed for our consumption –

Making us the fools.

Torture still has its place and war still has its day,

Vying for the power to control the market play.

We can all win a fortune and be part of the elite.

Who cares for the species, the water full of faeces?

The air, the land

Packaged oh so neat?

What eyes guide us through all this possession

With promises of ownership towards consumer heaven?

What rights can one man have in the midst of seven billion?

And is there any meaning? On this journey leaning

To religion and politics

As we make another million?

Progress has a virus

Implanted in our cortex deep;

Within our genes a callous killer

Feed us nightmares in our sleep.

I leave my children to control, in a candy cotton world,

Guided by the unseen eyes as the future does unfurl,

Fighting rearguard actions to find a better way,

Where progress won’t mean egress,

And diversity can thrive

To make a better day.

Opher 3.8.00

Progress – or is it?  

We are currently over seven billion strong and heading for ten. We are consuming land, forest and fresh water in an inexorable, escalating greed.

Our journey is guided by those who stand to make the most. It is profit before sanity in an ever increasing rush for wealth. Greed and selfishness rule. Wars are waged, people exploited and jungles and animals sacrificed.

Where will it end?

There is an inevitability about the end.

That is the game we are passing down to our children. Yet everything is sport and distraction to take your mind off the stench in the air.

We put on the designer clothes, don the make-up, douse ourselves in perfume, consume the alcohol and head for another mindless night. Who knows – we might get lucky?

We could pull.

But hey – we are all being pulled!