The World is all Sci-fi!!

The World is all Sci-fi!!

 Writing January 29, 2021

It seems to me that the driving force behind all technological and scientific development, as well as design, is imagination. Once something has been imagined by a human mind it inspires people to make it real.

The early Sci-fi writers described future worlds with sleek modernistic vehicles and spacecraft. They had descriptions of futuristic cities and travel between planets. In Sci-fi stories craft could journey faster than the speed of light, there were parallel worlds and different dimensions and universes. You could even travel through time.

Once the ideas have been invented human minds start working on them.

These days we live in the world that has been created by the ideas imagined in Sci-fi novels. The views of those early Sci-fi writers have been realised in the architecture and design of cars, in clothing and in materials used.

We have a a world revolving around computers, robots, satellites, mobile phones and rockets. We have been to the moon and are planning trips to the planets.

We have nuclear energy, supersonic planes and bullet trains.

Our physicists have discovered black holes, quasars and quantum. Polyverses are a real possibility and folds in space may enable faster than light travel.

We live in a world that people a hundred years ago would have considered impossible science fiction fantasy. If someone from 1900 was to come into our time they would be amazed. Our gadgetry would astound them.

It is quite likely that in another hundred years time many other Sci-fi ‘ideas’ might become reality. Perhaps advances in physics will enable us to journey through time or out to distant galaxies? Perhaps nanotechnology will alter engineering and A/I will have ushered in a new era of self-driven vehicles?

The world of the future will increasingly look like the descriptions in Sci-fi books.

I would suggest that it is the Sci-fi writers who have made it possible. They inserted the seeds of possibility.

If someone can imagine it then somebody else will eventually make it happen.

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