The Corona Diaries – Day 231

I walked on a carpet of bright yellow and gold today as I started up my hill. It was worthy of a painting. The leaves had dropped in patterns. The colurs exquisite.

Around me the landscape was quiet, a hiatus before the cold of winter. Everything winding down.

After 231 days of weird isolation I’m becoming weary. I crave normality. I’m very busy all the time and wondering how I fitted a busy life into this schedule. I’m also wondering what it will be like when we emerge.

Out in Coronaland there is good news. The Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be over 90% effective. Of course, there are many more obstacles to be overcome yet. It will take months to fully check and get the vaccination out to the public – but we have already bought up 40 million shots. We could be back to normal by next Spring.

Next Spring sounds a long way off but it sure looks as if there is some light.

I have to laugh when I hear the ridiculous conspiracy theories already starting to hit social media. The vaccine news was deliberately held up in order to be after the election and Bill Gates in implanting chips into everyone. Some people are nuts!! They’ll believe anything. They’ll even believe the earth is flat and Jesus is coming back!

In the States there were another 103,657 new cases with another 464 deaths. Already Biden is putting out a different message – one of science and reality. He is telling everyone that the hospitals and deaths are rising and they need to distance and wear masks. It’s good to hear some sense for a change.

In the UK we have another 20,572 new cases with 156 deaths. The message is that we are unlikely to be out of the woods until next Spring – so keep distancing. With 1300 hospital cases we need to protect ourselves.

In Brazil it’s back up to 23,976 new cases while in New Zealand it’s 4 and Vietnam 2.

I have to laugh. I heard someone today saying that Johnson has been doing a good job. I had to put them right.

Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro have done appallingly while leaders such as Jacinda Ardern have been outstanding.

So, stay safe until Spring!! I’m looking forward to gigs, plays and hugs!!