Poetry – Every Vote counts

Every Vote counts

‘We want the law to be used in the proper manner!’

‘So stop counting the votes!’

‘They are stealing my presidency!’

‘It’s not fair.’

‘I’ll set the Supreme Court on you,

If you try to steal my residency!’

Every vote counts.

No vote will be uncounted.

It takes time.

There are problems to be surmounted.

‘I’ve loaded the court

With a bunch of my friends.

They’ll sort it out for me.

I’m sure they’ll make amends.’

‘I won’t allow the people

To take it away from me!’

‘It’s not fair!

‘I’m spitting out my dummy!’

Opher – 4.11.2020

We’ve seen the usual petulant display – unworthy of a man in his position. We’ve heard the false claims and lies. We’ve witnessed him again stirring up division and hate for his own ends.

The real fraud would be if he managed to stop the states from counting every vote. That would be stealing an election!

And he has still failed.

He is behaving like the spoilt rich child he really is.

Someone put his dummy (pacifier) back in!

Poetry – Trump – The One Game in Town

Trump – The One Game in Town

There’s only one game in town:

Who’s stealing the election?

Trump claimed victory – shouting ‘Fraud’

That he says requires correction.

Yet the corruption seems all one way:

Republican states suppressing registration,

Reducing numbers of polling stations,

Creating long lines and much frustration.

It is they who steal elections

With their underhand tactics,

Claiming that all is fair

In the world of politics.

He who is shouting loudest

Is the biggest conman.

Frying lies, propaganda and threats

In his dark frying pan.

Opher – 4.11.2020

Trump has lost – though he now chooses to dangerously stir up his base with unfounded accusations of fraud. He claims the election has been stolen from him. He’s a sore loser. He’s trying every trick in the book to steal the election – every lie, every false accusation. He’s still stirring up hate and division.

Yet the real theft lies with the Republican states. They have conspired to steal the election. By preventing blacks and poor whites for registering to vote, by limiting the number of polling stations they have tried their hardest to make it as difficult as possible for the Democrat party. That is the real fraud.

One only has to see the ease of registration and voting in Republican areas and the obstacles and long lines, with hours of waiting, in the poor areas.

That’s where the real fraud is!