Jonathan Pie on Liz Truss

How used we’ve become to standards and morality.

No sunlit uplands. No Brexit dividend. Just misery, trade loss, job loss, endless austerity and lies.

Tory Liar Bumbles!! Populism is an extreme policy of division and hate.

This is the image the world has of us – a nation that elects a populist shambles of a clown; a nation ruled by an incompetent populist liar; a nation where intelligence has gone out the window.

Populism courts popularity through creating division, using racism, xenophobia and artificially stoking division.

It covers up the incompetence, greed, sleaze and stupidity.

This moron got Brexit done by plunging the nation into a terrible deal just so that he could prosper. He put his own wealth and power in front of the good of the nation.