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Cuts Cuts














Cuts Cuts

Opher 7.1.2019

I don’t believe that you can savagely cut public services without creating disastrous effects.

The Tories decade of austerity is reaping its harvest.

They have cut education, health, police, youth services, mental health, the courts, prisons, social services.

Every cut has an effect.

The schools exclude more kids because they do not have the resources to deal with them.

More kids join gangs because youth services and support have gone.

More disturbed youngsters are on the streets because mental health services cannot cope.

The police cuts have removed community policing, detection rates have dived. The criminals get away with more.

The courts and Crown Prosecution cuts mean that more criminals escape justice.

Gangs and knife crime, murder rates and violence have all increased.

It is not surprising.

The Tories, out of ideology, has slashed into the very fabric of our society!!

Tory cuts – but with the addition of a single n it describes them perfectly.

Poetry – Cuts, Cuts, Cuts and More Cuts

Cuts, Cuts, Cuts and More Cuts

Health and education

Are looking mighty ripe.

Tories eye up the situation.

Unions may whinge and gripe.

While the government

Splash the cash to chums.

Those in public services

Know the reaper comes.

The bankers make a killing

Their profits rise and rise.

One man twenty one million

Just falling from the skies.

Phoney PPI and equipment

At inflated prices.

As friends of the Tories

Make fortunes out of crisis.

Morality does not exist

When there’s money to be made.

With bullying and dodgy deals

Their devious schemes are laid.

Tories apply their ideology

Without any ifs or buts.

Public servants know what that means

Cuts, cuts, cuts and more cuts.

Opher – 21.11.2020

So once again it is clear – it’s the poor who will pay for covid – just as it was the poor who paid for the bankers mistakes.

Are the wealthy being squeezed?? NO!!

Are the bonuses being reduced?? NO!!

Are the profits being reduced?? NO!!

Are the companies being taxed?? NO!!

No. No. No. No.

Some people, including people in government, like Rees-Mogg, are making a killing out of all this. They are laughing all the way to the bank. A lot of the people who have poured cash into the Tory party have made a fortune as contracts have been flooding their way – no tendering, no checks, inflated prices accepted without question, no quality control.

We’ll be paying for Brexit too!!

The dice are loaded!!

Clapped one week, crapped on the next!!

Key workers my arse!!