Poetry – My own Planck Epoch – I wrote this one today – a poem for science.

Reality is a lot stranger than anybody knows. There is a world around us that we barely glimpse. Nothing is as it seems. You cannot rely on intuition. Quantum Physics has blown reality out of the water.

What was there before the Big Bang?

How can subatomic particles exists in two places at once?

How can particles arrive before they started their journey?

The ground is not solid. The solidity is merely the repulsion of forces. The Earth can be compressed to the size of a pin-head.

Dark matter is probably made of completely different subatomic particles that we haven’t encountered yet. We have a whole new universe to explore if we can find a way of getting to it!

How long will our current theories hold water?

Can the tiny human mind unlock the secrets of forever?

Some say the answer lies with God. I say that is replacing an unknown awesome quandary with another.

In our universe the laws are perfect for us to exist. We peer out from a perfect universe. But the theory is that there are an infinite number of universes. Who knows what type of eyes peer out from their perfection? And their perfection would be our hell.

With a billion years or two (and we’ve had 13.7 billion so far) and infinite possibility all things are possible.

We keep taking the small steps – pushing the boundaries back and reaping the knowledge. We know more each day and it is awesome, spectacular and beyond belief. Will we ever understand it? Who cares? It’s a journey.

I love atomic particles. I love the fact that we named our quarks quarks and called them strange and charm, up and down and top and bottom.

I love galaxies. Space is awesome.

Can you imagine a discussion about polyverses and quarks with a fundamentalist?

My advice is to believe nothing, question everything and wonder at it all. The universe is unbelievable – you’d better believe it!

My Own Planck Epoch

I live in my own Planck Epoch

Gorging on quarks and on time.

There is up and down

We’re forming the ground

Because all my atoms abound.

My strange has charm

But I mean you no harm

For my top and my bottom are prime.

We’re committing no crime

With weak forces we get along fine.

I shout to the bosuns

To bring us around

For our leptons are all in a spin

If our gluons should fail

The weak forces as well

Our neutrinos will blow us to hell.

We’re heading for an event horizon

For a meeting I’ve got my eyes on.

There’s dark forces at work in the sky

With matter invisible to my eye

It’s enough to make solar wind sigh.

Through alien particles we glide

On an invisible tide

Watching the polyverses born

On this new cosmic morn –

Eternity to a new dawn

We’re just going along for a ride.

Opher – 18.6.2015