Meaningful music turned to Muzak.

The underground music of my youth is now mainstream. They play it on the radio. It is in adverts. It’s the background to football matches. It’s become Muzak!

The marketing geeks have purloined it. They think they can use it to sell things.

What the hell’s going on! This is the music that meant something! That said something! That was building a new world! This was our music!

Keep your hands off our music! You don’t understand it! It is not background Muzak! It was made to be listened to! Intently! It had meaning! It was my rebellious youth for fuck’s sake!

Keep your grubby hands off my generation’s music! It was not recorded to sell products. It’s too personal for you to relate to! You couldn’t possibly understand the ideals that are wrapped up in it! It’s not the background to anything, least of all your shoddy attempts to sell stuff to the morons that buy plastic garbage.

That’s the complete opposite of everything we stood for!

Jimi’d turn in his grave!