Gullibility of the No-Dealers pt. 1 – half a poem

Gullibility of the No-Dealers


We don’t need no NHS

Sell it to the Yanks.

We don’t need no industry

Give it to the banks.


We don’t need fresh chickens –

Chlorine is good.

We don’t need no fairness

Save that for Robin Hood.


We don’t need no immigrants

They really have no merit.

They might make us lots of money

But we have Dunkirk spirit!


We are British through and through

We’ve no need for the others.

They should all stay where they are

We are not their brothers.


We’ll sell our souls to the world

We’re going to make a killing.

We’ll sell at a cut-rate price

And make a merry shilling.


We don’t need no EU!

What have they done for us?

We’re better off on our own

Not on that Euro bus!


We can take eggs out of omelettes

We think it will be easy.

Survived the blitz didn’t we?

It’ll all be fine and breezy!


We like zero hours contracts

And the joys of austerity!

We don’t care about our pensions

In this land of the free.