Jesus had a Kalashnikov

Jesus had a Kalashnikov

Jesus had a Kalashnikov,

                Mary carried a sten.

The used the power of prayer

                And always said amen.

Ninety-nine trapped down a mine

                Only one came out.

Thanking god for saving him

                He was most devout.

In the Deep South

                Believe in the power of prayer.

Quoting  biblical verse,

                But that gun is everywhere.

Opher – 16.11.2023

If they really believed they’d turn the other cheek. Christians for guns is the biggest hypocrisy on the planet.

I was thinking of that Mexican mining disaster where so many died. They pulled one guy out from the rubble who promptly thanked god for saving him, not the rescuers. I wondered what all the others had done wrong. How had they offended god so that he abandoned them.

Seems that all the piety and prayer is not helping the slaughtered Jewish settlers or bombed people of Gaza. Perhaps the premature babies dying for lack of incubators didn’t know how to pray, or they’d committed a grievous sin. Shame they’re too young to wield a Kalashnikov.

Looking at the state of the planet it seems that those starving, being slaughtered or living in the worst poverty, pray the most.

I reckon god is irritated by prayer.

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