The Cost of living – Inequality rules!!

The Cost of living

Food goes up.

                Heat goes down.

Johnson makes millions

                Fruits of a clown.

Gas hits the roof

                Electricity’s a shock

Brexit worked for them

                For us it’s all to cock.

Opher – 15.11.2023

The profiteering bastards have made a fortune out of covid and Brexit while costing us a fortune.

Cameron – millions out of Greenswill

Johnson – millions out of speaking, books and columns

Rees-Mogg – millions by moving his companies out of the country

Osborne – millions out of advisory roles telling companies how to avoid paying tax

May – millions out of speaking

Lady Mone – millions in VIP PPE Scam

Dildo Harding – millions in useless T&T

I could go on. These are the people who have messed things up and put us in dire straits. They walk away, putting hay in the loft, lining their pockets.

We can’t pay nurses, doctors and teachers a fair wage  but we can afford to give hundreds of these greedy, selfish, useless bastards billions!!

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