Politics of Slime

Politics of Slime

They love their tractor porn.

                They love their cash.

Corrupt to the core

                They defend their stash.

They steal from the nurses,

                Teachers too,

To give to their chums

                In the banking crew.

Allowed enormous profits, quite obscene

                CEO bonuses grew

Pub landlords and PPE

                Money for nothing – it’s true!

Lies and spin

                Propaganda and skew.

Dark Arts, dirty tricks

                Tory political stew.

Politics of slime

                Where nothing is true.

Tories in the gutter

                Where all the turds are blue!

Opher – 4.5.2023

I have never heard of a government more corrupt, sleazy and incompetent than this Tory one (maybe Trump).

Money for questions, money for honours, money for wallpaper, money for holidays, money for mortgages.

Tractor porn and sexual sleaze, partygate and nepotism.

Chucking money at friends, at family and donors. Wasting billions on bogus PPE, or covid trackers and Dildo Harding, pub landlords and Russians.

Allowing enormous profits for companies. Allowing tax loopholes for the wealthy.

Destroying public services.

Cuts and austerity.

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