The Choice for Truss!

The Tory Party look on in horror at what they have done. They voted Truss in and she revealed what they are all about in one crazed swoop – naked greed.

She was so arrogant that she thought she could do anything. Egged on by the rabid ultra-rich Tory membership she revealed their hand. The Party of the Rich were planning to give even more to the rich. But it was too blatant. This is what they have stealthily been doing forever but Truss didn’t even bother to cover it up!

The markets turned.

Seizing back control seems to mean giving control to billionaires from abroad.

She’s a monstrous liability. But they are stuck. If they try to kick her out she could force a vote of no confidence and trigger a general election and they’d all lose their seats! On the other hand, the pressure is mounting and she might crack.

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