The Corona Diaries – Day 762

Summer’s here!! Or at least it feels as if it is – clear blue skies, hot sun and temperatures of 18 degrees. We took a walk into Driffield to have a coffee and scone!! Very Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

Back home I’ve been listening to some Roy Harper – which took me on a time machine back to my youth. Where have all these years gone?

This afternoon I’ve been recording a podcast with my mate Mike – Rock Music and our wasted youth. Very enjoyable messing around in the studio. We’ll see what comes of it all.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories are being castigated for just looking after the rich. I can’t see why people are surprised. That’s precisely what the Tories were created to do and what they have consistently done every time they are in power – they cut all public services and rob the poor so they can give big tax cuts to the wealthy. They then tell us that this is brilliant because it stimulates the economy. Why should anybody be surprised?? They are merely doing what they were set up to do!!

It’s the same as Trump. Why on earth do poor people think that multimillionaires have their interests at heart? They got rich by exploiting people, cheating and lying.

Speaking of lying, wasn’t it embarrassing to see Johnson at NATO looking like a shambling wreck and being shunned by the other leaders? They are laughing at him – living in Brexit La-La land. How can anybody take him seriously?

I had to top the car up today. In the supermarket the price per litre was £1.69p. So much for Sunak’s 5p cut. The oil companies have never had it so good – neither has the government. With the higher costs they are raking in the extra VAT. It used to be £1.31 a short while back.

There was nothing for schools and the NHS in the budget – heaven knows how they are going to manage with the higher costs.

The cost of living crisis is a monster. Not only the petrol, its food, energy and everything. My gas and electricity more than doubled and is due to go up again. How did France manage to keep it down to 5%??

Of course, all this is nothing to do with Brexit. That hasn’t added costs. The shortages of HGV drivers and veg pickers haven’t put prices up. The delays, extra red tape and tariffs haven’t put prices up! It’s global.

Boris Johnson dances a jig. He’s in league with the devil. He successfully hid Brexit behind covid, covid behind partygate, partygate behind the MET and now the war is covering all his sleaze and incompetence. He’s getting away with murder!!

How stupid are we? How much more incompetence, waste, sleaze, lying, law-breaking and corruption can he wriggle out of??

£4 billion written off from stupid loans to nonexistent companies. Billions of pounds of useless PPE sitting in containers. Tories back to merrily doing second jobs – illegal lobbying, money for peerages and cash for meetings.

There’s a conspiracy isn’t there? The media are covering it all up. We’re being fed crap.

Why isn’t the Tory/Trump Russian connection splashed on every front page?

Trump is guilty of many felonies but they will all mysteriously disappear just like all Johnson’s lies, law-breaking and corruption.

We’ve been taken over by a right-wing coup!! Starmer is as solid as a blancmange. Labour should be out of sight – not just 3 points ahead!

Then we have Putin and the war. The Ukrainians are taking back territory as the Russian army falls apart. The Kremlin is also falling apart.

‘Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has not been seen for 13 days amid claims he has ‘heart problems’ just as reports suggest Putin held him responsible for the invasion’s failure so far. Alongside this, Anatoly Chubais, the man who gave Putin his first job in the Kremlin, resigned and fled Russia in dramatic fashion, reportedly with the intention of never returning, over his opposition to the war.’

Putin ups the ante by threatening all-out nuclear war. Mind you, if his missiles are as reliable as the rest of his military equipment we won’t have much to fear. They’ll probably blow themselves up.

Meanwhile, they pound Ukrainian cities into dust from long range with missiles and bombs. How can that not be a war crime??

So this is what Putin describes as liberating the Ukrainians from a neo-fascist government. The Ukrainians, from their determined oppositions, seem incredibly ungrateful. They are killing his troops by the thousand – up to 15,000 killed so far with twice that number injured. Some of them are shooting themselves in the leg so they can get out of there. So Putin declares that they will be liberated alive or dead!! Right now he’s preferring the dead option. Reminds me of the Fugs song – ‘Kill For Peace’.

Who knows where this is going. Putin is sacking his advisors and Generals and in a bit of a paddy. Enough to press the button? Enough to go out in a blistering rage with his full arsenal of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons? Maybe we should send in Blair and Hans Blick to have a look?? They might actually find some.

Or will sanity prevail??

Will there be a settlement and withdrawal coming out of the talks?

Will the Generals or Oligarchs oust Putin?

Will someone give him an untimely little accident?

Will the Russian people wake up?? Surely the massive destruction of the Ukrainian cities can be suppressed forever? The internet cannot be blocked. Phones share images. The body bags tell their story. The wounded soldiers will tell people what is happening. Putin can’t hide up the enormity of the crime forever. When they realise they are being lied to will they rise up?

We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Operation Save The Big Dog Turd continues. Ne’ere a word is said about the pandemic that no longer exists! Johnson has defeated covid!! We are free!! They were planning Freedom Day!!

Unfortunately, as with all things said by Tories, it’s a pile of bollocks.

Yesterday the covid cases rose to 101,000 with another 159 deaths and hospital cases rising to 15,397. Does that look like over to you?

Without restrictions the stupid are going into work with covid and spreading it. Those with mild cases are spreading it to the vulnerable.

To hell with long covid blighting lives or the breeding ground for nasty variants – we are gung-ho for herd immunity!! Even if that doesn’t work! We have to learn to live with death and disability!! Keep voting Tory!!

The government refuses to talk about covid. There is no testing. There is no need for distancing and masks. Who needs science. All hail Johnson – the Big Dog Turd !!! Red Meat to the electorate!!

Stay safe – the whole world is in the hands of clowns, morons and psychopaths!! Nothing changes!!

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