Poetry – The Hope Machine

The Hope Machine

I’ve got this little hope machine I always carry round.

When I want some hope I lay it on the ground.

It conjures up the hopes and dreams of the whole wide world

Of every man and woman and every tree unfelled.

The hope machine is built of dreams

Of how the world might seem

For every man, woman and child

And everything that’s wild.

If only our politicians could access my machine

They’d create a world not half so mean

A world in which all had a place

And no web is left unlaced.

So share with me my hope machine

Together we could love and dream

And put the world to right

Our hopes would set the universe alight.

Opher – 21.5.2020

It is not difficult to devise a fairer system, one of greater equality that rewards hard effort.

It is not difficult to find a way of living in harmony with nature so that we live sustainably and are not pillaging the planet.

It is not difficult to banish poverty, war and disease.

It is just that those in charge have vested interests in maintaining a system that grossly favours them.

But I still have hopes.

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