The Corona Diaries – Day 752

First – an update on my lingering covid – I woke up today feeling a lot better. My muzzy headache has almost gone. I’m beginning to feel more like myself. I’m still feeling tired and listless but a lot better.

I have a theory about my extra deep sleep and general weariness. I think my body is attempting to repair itself. Covid is a virus that does not just affect the lungs; it affects the whole body. I reckon that the heart, brain and lungs take the brunt of it. It makes brains smaller, destroys cells and memory. I reckon that is the headache and muzziness. The extra deep sleep is an attempt to repair the damage.

I hope it works!! I need every brain cell I can get!!

We went around to friends for a walk and a meal. We walked out along the river at Stamford Bridge. Beautiful day though the countryside has not woken up yet! It still looks bare, brown and straggly. Won’t be long. I need some hot summer sun!! It’ll also fry that virus!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is gaining in popularity and the Tory Party is rising in the polls – just 4 points behind. People are so stupid.

I was discussing this with our friends. It’s a mystery. The Tory Party was put together by the wealthy landowners and merchants to look after their interests. It is the party of the elite – the top 1% – the millionaires, aristocrats and bosses. In order to do that it has to exploit the 99% of the population.

The Tory Party is still very effective at looking after the interests of the elite. It is also very good at fooling the 99%.

When the masses started pressing for proper democracy and the vote the Tory elite were terrified. They thought that once the masses had the vote their days were numbered, the masses would vote in politicians to look after their interests. They successfully, and brutally, averted an attempted socialist revolution centred around the General Strike in the 1920s.

The only time that the masses achieved power was when the Labour Party were voted in after the war. They were from the working class and brought in policies that favoured working people and those in poverty. They brought in the NHS and welfare state.

So why has the working class become so right wing? They never used to be. Why have they become racist and xenophobic?

It’s easy to see why. The media is controlled by the Tories. The Daily Express, Mail and Sun have been drip-feeding poison into the minds of working people.

The British public are every bit as brainwashed and zombified as the Russians are. We’ve had over a hundred years of Tory propaganda. They are very good at it.

We see in Russia that the Kremlin is feeding the population lies. There is no war – only peacekeeping and liberation. Putin is making Russia safe, making it great again. It’s like watching Trump and Johnson with greater control.

Mind you, our clown is tightening his grip to ensure a Tory Dictatorship. They’ve taken over the BBC and are ousting anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They are making protest illegal. They have been playing the race card.

It is like watching the early days of Putin – it’s a populist dictatorship.

Johnson has miraculously escaped from sleaze, corruption and Partygate. Nobody is talking about the MET or Sue Gray.

It remains to be seen if the Tory Russian connection will sink them??? They’ve been in cahoots with the oligarchs! Of course they have. Oligarchs are their people. They have been feeding them mansions to launder their dirty money stolen from the Russian people, they’ve even secured them places in the Lords. The grateful oligarchs have found a place to launder their ill-gotten gains and all they have to do is bung a few million to the Tory Party and pay for a peerage and pay for a private audience with Johnson. What’s a few million when you’ve stolen billions?

Hats off to Marina Ovsyannikova. What a brave woman!! She single-handedly tried to wake up the Russian population to what is going on in Ukraine. She knew she would be facing fifteen years in brutal Russian prisons. What a sacrifice! Would any of us be prepared to do such a brave act?

I just hope the Russian people wake up. They have been so stupefied. They’ve allowed Putin and his mob to keep them in poverty, creaming off the wealth. It’s worse than life under the Czars!!

One brave and daring they rose up against the tyranny of the Czars. Time to repeat it!! Time to create a proper socialist state and come in from the cold.

Speaking of colds – we’re back to covid! We can’t rely on any stats now. The figures I could find said the rate of new cases had gone up to 171,000 with another 134 deaths. Hospital cases are rising.

Should we be worried?

Maybe not. The vaccination programme with 4th boosters for the vulnerable has greatly reduced the severe cases. Along with that we have various new treatments – antivirals and drugs – that make treatment better.

Johnson is the luckiest guy on the planet. The shit slides off him

Stay safe!! We still haven’t been blown to pieces!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 752

  1. Sorry to hear you’re still feeling the covid. Get better. As for the Tories, they are long endemic, but we will keep fighting them.

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