The Corona Diaries – Day 732

It is now a week since I first tested positive for Covid and thirteen days since I first had mild symptoms. I’m still feeling off colour. Woke with a muzzy headache, congested sinuses, runny nose and I’ve been a bit listless all day.

I decided to do a test just to see, as, after five days, they say that I’m unlikely to be contagious and there’s no need to isolate. As soon as the fluid hit the test line it started to go black. By the time it reached the control line I had a really black bar. By the end of the test the bar was so black and wide that I thought the whole test was going black!! It would appear that I’m stuffed with virus!!

I think that if I hadn’t had the vaccines I would have been in real trouble.

My younger son is still staying with us. He split up with his girlfriend and had to move out of his flat in London last October. A week after moving in he went down with Covid. Fortunately, he isolated and we didn’t catch it. Now we’ve gone down with it and he’s caught it again.

He has only had one jab (plus one infection) and was due his next jab in two weeks!! Tough eh? He’s much worse than us and is currently in bed!! Doesn’t bode well for those people who are telling me they caught the virus two years ago and now have T-cell immunity. Henry had it just four months ago and he’s really ill and he’s only in his thirties.

Cloud cuckoo land. This is one nasty mother.

So much for government guidance. The strength of my positive test indicates to me that I am still very contagious. My nasal chambers are packed with virus. Every breath I take is pumping an aerosol of virus into the air. This is why masks are so important. A lot of those droplets would be caught on that masks. They would not be projected as far. It makes an infected person far less infective.

I normally have a continuous sinus problem. The virus seems to be happily breeding in those inflamed membranes. While my body’s immune defences are obviously stopping it from entering my body it is happy to cause me added sinus problems, hopeful of spreading to others and, I suspect, it may be around for some time to come!

We went outside (well away from people) for a walk in the woods to see the snowdrops. Amazing. Like snowdrifts between the trees. I was hoping the cold air might help. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the madness continues. Europe is once again at war. Can you believe that?? In the 21st Century we are still acting like belligerent tribal morons. Civilisation is a thin veneer.

Our clown is loving it!! It is just what he needed to deflect attention from his law-breaking. I wonder if he was on the phone to Putin organising it? Do us a favour Vlad!! The Tory party has close ties. They are swilling with Russian money.

So our court jester can now dress up in camouflage and ride around on tanks posing and pretending to be Churchill. He can read autocue statements and doesn’t have to answer any awkward questions like:

Why have you become the first Prime Minister to ever be cautioned by the police?

As a law-breaker can you still remain in office?

How is Brexit going?

What happened to that £350 million a week?

Are you still giving billions in tax cuts to the wealthy?

How are there so many dead from Covid if you did a good job?

Why are the poor and ordinary people paying for care?

Are you continuing to cut public services and impose austerity?

What are you doing about the steeply rising cost of living?

What are you doing about the steeply rising energy bills?

What are you doing about the steeply rising petrol prices?

Are you still going to raise taxes for the poor?

Are you still going to raise National Insurance?

Are you happy with the mess you’ve made of the country?

‘What Ho!! Tally Ho!! Let’s give those pesky Russians a bloody Nose!! Er er blah blah Rah Rah!! Nasus sanguineus! What do you think of my steel helmet??’

And all the poor saps in the Tory Party, scared shitless by Ree-Mogg (who I’m sure I’m seen in a Hammer House of Horrors film) will be saying that we can’t kick him out in the midst of a world crisis. And the clown will be taking centre stage on the global scene making Peppa Pig jokes to a bemused world who will shake their heads and wonder what the hell happened to Britain!!

Good Heavens!!! What a mess!! The British public actually voted for this!! We are in the midst of mass insanity!!

So today was ‘Freedom Day’! The Tories are jubilant!! They think it is going to be incredibly popular!! The first country in the world to be out of the pandemic!! No more masks!! You don’t have to care about anybody!! You can go and spread Covid to all your friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers!! Feel free!!

We are now relying on common sense in a country that voted Brexit and elected a self-serving clown with his government of buccaneering profiteers!! Good luck with that!!

On this Freedom Day, when the virus is beaten, there were another 39,838 new cases and 165 more deaths!! Great stuff!! It’s obviously completely gone!!

I wonder what the Queen thinks about it?? I bet she’s looking around at Charles, Johnson and Andrew and thinking thank heavens I won’t be here much longer!!

Stay Safe!! What with War, Covid and Brexit – what better person could you have in charge of the country???? Errrrrrrrrrrr…………………..

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