The Corona Diaries – Day 727

I still have covid!!

Here in Yorkshire we are recovering from storms Dudley and Eunice and now find ourselves cloaked in snow!!

The symptoms of this disease evolve! It started a week ago when I was feeling groggy. By the Monday I was feeling sufficiently off colour to take a test. It was negative. It wasn’t until Wednesday that the tests showed positive.

Yesterday I was feeling a lot perkier but in the evening I started getting a headache. I took some paracetamol and went to bed a little earlier than usual. I slept well but woke up with that same headache. I’ve been feeling tired and muzzy all day. I wrapped myself up and have been reading and playing some Bob Marley – appropriately the album Survival.

The virus appears to have disrupted my sinuses. I feel very bunged up with a stream of mucus. Not nice – like having a bad cold. I’m not coughing too much – every now and again – but I’m sneezing more.

The good news is that the sore throat has gone and I no longer have that metallic taste.

I’ve received a number of photos of Captain Beefheart for the book and am hoping for some more. I think the task of photoshopping them, putting captions on etc can wait for next week when I’m feeling a lot better.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Boris Johnson, our lying clown, is still hanging on. He’s sent his report in to the police. I wonder if he’s lied to them too? I don’t see why not. It’s his default mode.

He’s like a chameleon changing colour madly and trying to be everything to everyone. One minute he’s standing up at COP26 lecturing the world on cutting CO2 then taking a flight back to London in a private jet for a reunion. Now he’s having RAF fighters flying the length of the country just so he can have a photo op in the cockpit. Talk about hypocrisy and stupidity.

There is not a shred of leadership. All he does is pose and posture. None of the cabinet will ever appear on any news show where they have to answer questions. Johnson will never appear without a tight script. He seeks out high-profile photo ops in High-Vis or autocue reports where he pontificates about Ukraine.

If cornered he hides in fridges.

The Tories know that their record and policies do not hold up. If they are scrutinised the lies and facts do not stack up.

They treat the public as fools.

They simply say crap like ‘He got Brexit done’ without any analysis of the immense damage done to our economy – to the tune of £30 Billion a year – or the horrendous red tape, delays and costs. They hope that most idiots will take it at face value and think the idiot has done a good job. They’ll forget about all the broken promises – cash bonanzas of £350 million a week! Easier trade! No effect on Ireland! Ready-Made deals with other countries. All lies.

They say crap like ‘He got Covid done!’ without any mention of having one of the worst death rates in the world and one of the worst-hit economies. 180,000 dead people, and their families, might contest his bullish nonsense. He dumped covid patients into care homes, locked down too late, opened up too soon, brought in lots of silly schemes – Like Eat Out to Help Out (obviously with a glance towards helping out undertakers). Now we’re relaxing all rules and restrictions while the disease is still running riot. I know more people with covid than ever before!

No wonder they won’t appear anywhere. If people start delving into their record and policies the whole maggot-ridden edifice crumbles. They are a nasty disaster who have been sleazily profiteering. How many of this government have been lining their own pockets? They’ve been taking from the poor and public servants to give to the rich. They’ve never had it so good! The Cayman Islands are groaning under the weight.

So, in this pandemic that is over there were supposedly another 47,481 new cases with 158 deaths. Not that we can trust this data. I bet the majority of cases are unreported!! I also bet the deaths are higher! Covid causes all manner of problems. People die of other things that covid caused.

It is sickening to read about the profiteers who have abused the system many of whom are the recipients of the governments illegal PPE VIP channel. Sarah and Richard Stoute just bought themselves a £30 million villa in the Caribbean to go with their yacht. They made £1.85 billion. It’s obscene.

We are paying millions just to store badly made useless PPE.

Corruption and sleaze – law-breaking. Why aren’t people in court??

Stay safe!!

The chancer rules!! We’re in the age of insanity. The age of conspiracy, lies and profiteering!!

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