The Corona Diaries – Day 722

It’s been cold, wet and rainy most of the day but it cleared up enough to get out for a little walk up the back lane. The road was muddy and full of puddles but it was good to get a bit of fresh air.

I updated my Captain Beefheart book and sent it off to the publishers. It’s three thousand words shorter! Probably a lot better for that.

Now I’m in the hunt for Captain Beefheart photos!! They need to be copyright free!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Europe is on the brink of war. Who knows where that could lead? Are we humans all completely mad. I reckon so.

How can it make sense to spend so much money on destroying each other and all our cities and so little on protecting nature??? Sheer madness??

The whole of civilisation is just one great power game. Religion, politics, big business – they’re all the same. Just silver-backed gorillas pretending.

WHAT THE FUCK!!! How many people have to die??? How much damage has to be wreaked??

Here in the UK we have our own stupid power games with the nutcases of the fascist, ultranationalist of the ERG calling the shots; with Boris the Clown pretending he’s in charge; with the profiteers calling the shots.

So Johnson lies and lies and lies to hang on to power.

He epitomises everything that is wrong with humanity!

So, yesterday there were another 41,648 new cases with just 35 deaths. Does this mean we are finally reaching herd immunity?? Possibly. How long will that last though? If immunity only last around 12 weeks after either a jab or infection it means that as long as there is a pool of virus it can jump to reinfect in another couple of months after the booster wears off. Are we into a neverending round of 3 monthly jabs? How can we cope with that?

Are we shortly going to be paying for tests?

Will all restrictions be lifted?
Will life return to normal?

Will we just get used to a winter round of hundreds of deaths a day?

Will the right-wing propaganda machine, created by the wealthy to service the economy, keep pushing this antivaxxer campaign? How many deaths a day will they tolerate? Just collateral damage! All that matters is more and more wealth! It’s a sickness! Let the bodies pile up as long as I get a pile pile of loot!!

Time will tell.

Right now a small wealthy elite are calling the shots. The ERG are their vehicles and the Clown is their puppet!!

Stay safe!

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