The Corona Diaries – Day 717

A sunny day in Yorkshire! Didn’t feel too cold either!! We went for a walk up my hill – a nice clear view over to the sea. Long-tailed tits flew around in the hedgerows, a vole scurried in the grass on the verge, the kestrel was hovering low over the field and all the snowdrops were out in sweeping banks of white.

Ain’t nature wonderful???

In the afternoon we went into Beverley to see Belfast. Greatly enjoyed it! Just made me sad to see just how stupid human beings really are – the politics and religion – completely barmy.

Goodbye free Ireland – try again soon.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our mad clown is trying out his populist manual to deflect from his lies and stupidity, his law-breaking and parties. He’s promising to end all corona restrictions a month earlier. Personally, I think that basing these decisions on proper scientific evidence is maybe preferable to basing it on whether or not it will help Boris Johnson survive.

Today, there was a photo released showing Johnson at his work meeting with champagne and tinsel. The MET were forced to add this to their list for investigation.

Dick is proving to be a dick. She only acts when her boss pulls the strings.

Unbelievably Johnson is brazening it out. With a popularity rating of 29% (morons who still think he’s doing a good job) at least 71% of the population have woken up to what a complete arse they’ve put in power.

If only Starmer had what it takes to kick the useless bastard into touch. Labour should be 30 points clear instead of 10! The complete mess this bunch of useless turds have made of everything. It’s like shooting dead ducks from two feet. Why isn’t Starmer going for the jugular?? Johnson is easy meat. The man is an incompetent lying clown.

Time to bring in Andy Burnham and blow them out the water!!

So yesterday there were another 66,634 cases with 316 deaths on the day that Johnson (for the sake of his own skin) announced that ALL restrictions would be lifted. Does that level really suggest everything is over?? Sounds more like a political stunt to me. Is everyone happy with 316 deaths a day?

I see today that Starmer was cleared by the police from his beer and working meal. No laws were broken – unlike with our sorry excuse for a leader!! We’ll see how guilty Johnson comes out from all the 17 parties that took place at his gaffe!!

I also see that there are different ways of calculating the covid data. What do you know?? The government has it’s own way, or at least Johnson does. He claimed in parliament that crime was 14% down when it was really 14% up. He claimed 6 times that employment was higher than before the pandemic when it isn’t. You can’t trust a word the liar says!!

What has happened to the Conservative Party?? It’s become Trump mark 2.

Stay safe – we’re living in a banana republic. Orwell was just wrong about the date!! Truth is untruth!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 717

  1. Opher – The Met are considering investigating the funding of the clown’s flat at No.10, which is an interesting development. It comes at a time when London Mayor, Khan, (Labour) hinted at expressing no confidence in Cressida Dick following a serious of high-profile scandals. I wonder if the two events are connected? If the Met did investigate, this would, I think, be their third investigation into the affairs of the clown specifically: the photo released today, Carrie’s party in BoJo’s flat, and now refurbishments funding? If found guilty, even BoJo -the-Shameless couldn’t come back from that.

    So, for the clown, the noose could be pinching ever tighter. I’m also hopeful that Cummings, or some mole in No.10, will leak another photo or two to the press: something juicy should suffice to drop the trap-door. Keep fingers crossed!


    1. I think there are 5 parties that the MET are investigating that the clown was at. Wallpapergate, Covidgate, cash for peerages, cash for favours, PPEgate, Sue Gray report, Brexitgate, lyinggate. I think there are lots of sleazy revelations to come. I don’t see how he can possibly survive. All honour and credibility have evaporated. He is a lying scumbag. Maybe the May elections will be the final humiliation?

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