No Shame, No honour – just naked greed and lust.

Like Trump, this man has made a career out of lying. He has also found great reward out of spreading conspiracy, ratcheting up fear and hate.

He routinely lies to parliament – something that would have been unthinkable a short while ago. Recently he has lied about crime coming down and lied about employment figures. Even when informed that these statistics are untrue he repeats them in the House. He repeated the lies on employment six times.

This constant lying undermines the whole basis of democracy.

He doesn’t care.

People believe his lies.

Repeating the untrue far-right conspiracy about Starmer being responsible for not investigating Saville takes it right into the gutter!!

This clown gives out a stench of corruption, sleaze and immorality. He stinks.

2 thoughts on “No Shame, No honour – just naked greed and lust.

  1. Opher – The clown is buoyed by a blatantly biased, pro-Tory media, and an ineffective, spineless Speaker who let’s slip (deliberately or otherwise) inaccuracies, willful lies, and misinformation floated in the house by the liar-in-charge, and refuses to have the record corrected when evidence points to untruths having being said. Whilst the Speaker cannot control the media, he can certainly control the P>M by highlighting – repeatedly if required – the lies and deceits of the U.K’s lying PM, else what the hell use is he to anyone? Merely another drain on the tax-payer.

    Opposition MP’s must come to the house armed with the P.M’s quotes, and asking careful questions, declare evidence of untruths in the clown’s responses.

    At some point very soon, it’d be worthwhile if certain newspapers published a double page spread – and rented key poster space in all major U.K cities – fact-checking the hundreds of lies told by the clown. Let those too blind to see, see the evidence for themselves.

    Undeniably, democracy in the U.K is being dragged into the cesspit before the electorate’s eyes. We even have a ‘loan-shark’ Chancellor happy to inflict future debt on an already financially compromised population by failing to take a windfall tax on energy companies making billions. It is a scam…quite possibly a means of maintaining huge financial support for the Tories, whilst pissing on everyone else. They don’t even have the decency to call it rain.

    Liars, spivs, chancers, charlatans, and deceivers: pre-requisites for inclusion in BoJo’s team.

    I’m still hopeful further damaging Partygate photos will find their way to the friendly media before parliament rises for recess! According to Cummings, there are plenty more photos to come out, including photos of the P.M’s flat-party. Get it done Dom!


    1. I find it incredible!! But I think there are a few hurdles for this clown to get over. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle. He will be brought down.

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