No Shame, No honour – just naked greed and lust.

Posted on  by Opher

Like Trump, this man has made a career out of lying. He has also found great reward out of spreading conspiracy, ratcheting up fear and hate.

He routinely lies to parliament – something that would have been unthinkable a short while ago. Recently he has lied about crime coming down and lied about employment figures. Even when informed that these statistics are untrue he repeats them in the House. He repeated the lies on employment six times.

This constant lying undermines the whole basis of democracy.

He doesn’t care.

People believe his lies.

Repeating the untrue far-right conspiracy about Starmer being responsible for not investigating Saville takes it right into the gutter!!

This clown gives out a stench of corruption, sleaze and immorality. He stinks.

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