I Signed!! It was an Honour!

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Rishi Sunak could be days away from approving Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list. [1]

Once they leave office, Prime Ministers can choose to select a number of people to promote to the House of Lords. [2] But right now Boris Johnson is still being investigated for his conduct while he was PM. [3]

Sunak says he wants to “clear the decks” and move on from the issue, but some allege he’s doing it to try and clear the air after his recent dust up with Boris Johnson around the Covid Inquiry. [4] But more than 213,000 of us think it’s impossible for the list to go ahead while he is still under investigation over Covid breaches. [5]
So, if you believe Rishi Sunak should not approve Boris Johnson’s honours list while he is being investigated for his conduct, will you join hundreds of thousands of us who have signed the petition? It only takes 30 seconds to sign:SIGN THE PETITION
Thanks for being involved,

David, Megan, Robin and the 38 Degrees team

PS. Not everyone reading this email will agree with the concept of the House of Lords at all, but one thing we can all agree on, is it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. So we should be able to expect representatives in the House of Lords to be chosen because they want to do the best for our country, not because of who their mates are. If you agree, click here to sign the petition.

2 thoughts on “I Signed!! It was an Honour!

  1. I’ve signed, too.

    In my view, no-one that takes part in politics, or associates with politicians, is fit to receive any kind of “honour” at all.

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