Poetry – The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse

I visited the supermarket today

To find the zombie apocalypse is underway.

All mindlessly careering down the aisles

With mounds of shopping arranged in piles.

Grabbing everything off every shelf

Only caring about themself.

With brains addled by virus fear

They think the end is drawing near.

Stocking up enough to last forever –

That is their one endeavour.

To lock themselves away and not come out

That’s what this is all about.

Loo rolls, pasta and baked beans too.

They’ve reached the point where anything will do!

Piling stuff into their trolleys like there’s no tomorrow

Preparing for a hurricane of sorrow.

Can they cook? I don’t think so!

When the crisps run out – then we’ll know.

With Trump and Johnson in charge of us

We might as well jump under a bus!

Trump says it’s all fake news,

While Johnson says ‘don’t go on cruise!’

I don’t know but I’ve been told

It’s a government plot to kill off the old!

Opher 15.3.2020

I wrote this just before lockdown. There was pandemonium. Everybody was grabbing everything they could get their hands on. I think they really believed that stocks were going to run out.

The stupid toilet roll panic has spread from abroad. It is interesting to observe how irrational behaviour spreads. It’s quicker than the pandemic.

Our leaders are demonstrating their ineptitude. First herd immunity, complacency and then an abandoning of testing. Now we’re paying the price for electing populist billionaires and privileged Bullingdon boys.

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