The Corona Diaries – day 716

Cold, drizzly and dreary here in Yorkshire – mirroring the political landscape!!

Today I’ve been in all day. I may go for a walk after my Energy Supplier and I have concluded our conversation. As I write I am on hold. They do want to help me but their advisors are busy! I’ve been listening to this dreadful music for thirty minutes so far!! I might need an extra-long walk to cool down following this one.

Before I started on this call I was listening to Family and doing the editing on my Beefheart book. The great news is that I completed the editing. The book is finished!! I sent it off to the publishers! I can get on with my life! I can find time to walk regularly and read!! I can start writing some fiction!! Yipppeeeee!!!

That euphoria soon melted away when I started to call my energy supplier to sort out the mess – and it is a mess!!

I’ve got a simple solution. Stop all this farce of different profiteering suppliers and nationalise gas and electricity!!! This is not working!! It’s just putting money in the pockets of wealthy people!! The whole thing is a bloody nuisance!!

My mood was not made better!! I finally got through and immediately got cut off and have to start again!!! A whole bloody half hour of listening to inane muzak down the drain – never to be regained!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, it’s all turning very nasty. Johnson is in a corner, desperate to hang on to power. He doesn’t care. The man has no honour. He’ll do anything. He will lie, threat and bribe. What he won’t ever do is admit when he’s made a mistake, told a huge lie; he won’t ever say sorry. That’s because he’s not sorry. He’s a total shit.

In desperation the incompetent twat has been swatting up on the Donald Trump book of dirty tricks. He’s using that as his tool in trade. It’s something he’s done throughout – you know – tell lies, never admit anything, spread untrue stories, make exaggerated claims, muddy the waters, undermine the true, cast doubt on experts, rubbish the media.

So Johnson reads up on the far-right conspiracy blogs and selects Jimmy Saville as the focus. He thinks that he can deflect attention from his own stupidities, law-breaking and lying by trying to tarnish Starmer with the Jimmy Saville paedophile claims. Even though Starmer had nothing to do with the Saville case, and knew nothing of it, Johnson knows the mud will stick. By stirring up the nutcases he’ll cause a furore which will act as a smokescreen for himself.

This is a standard Trump ploy. He activated white supremacists and neonazi groups in the same way.

This use of division and hate was used very effectively in the Brexit campaign with all the terror of Islamic terrorism, the fear of immigrants and those 7 million Turks. It’s the lowest of the low.

These campaigns radicalise right-wing neo-nazi groups. It put racist attacks through the roof. It caused the murder of innocent Muslims and it resulted in the killing of Jo Cox.

Now this lying greedy man is trying the same stunt. This time he’s holding up the spectre of paedophiles!! It’s an evil policy!! I hope it all backfires on him!!

It’s already resulted in Starmer being attacked. It’s a tactic that creates danger for MPs and politicians of all persuasions.

There is nothing he won’t stoop to!!

I hope there are enough Tories left, after they ejected all the reasonable one, to rebel against this pernicious extremism. The populist extreme nationalist wing has taken over the Tory Party. It’s up to true Tories to take it back from these nutcases.

We’re getting more like America every day!!

So yesterday there were another 64,322 new cases with another 45 deaths. According to the ONS there have now been a total of 182,136 deaths.

It’s going down slowly!! However, it seems that deer are infected with it now and that could allow the virus to evolve.

We have Johnson talking up his achievements and claiming there are going to be 4 million new hospitals and their putting billions into dealing with the backlog of medical needs.

The sum being put in is actually a third of what they wasted on PPE contracts and funding firms that didn’t exist – billions that they are just carelessly writing off. It’s about a tenth of what Brexit is costing us each and every year!!

Johnson is a spreader of fake news and exaggerations!! He lies!!

At present we are still in this pandemic. People are dying and millions have long covid. 1 in 10 teachers are off with covid.

When will we ever get a good honest government??

Stay safe!! It’s in the sewer!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – day 716

  1. When will we ever get a good honest government??

    Opher, very often you ask good questions. That’s why I hang around your blog. But sometimes you ask questions that are close to the mark, but not quite there. Like the darts player who goes for treble 20 and gets treble 1. This is one of those occasions.

    Let me re-phrase your question: How do we get a good honest government?
    Or even: What would be a good, honest government?

    Because I’m not in the mood for a rant right now, I’ll leave you to work out the answer(s).

    BTW, my latest COVID rant is at:

  2. And to top it all off Opher, the Dickensian throwback that is Pees-Bogg (who incidentally reminds me of Jim Carey’s, ‘Scrooge’), is being made Minister for Brexit Opportunities! Ever get the feeling this opportunistic appointment will in effect open up avenues for the flow of dirty money into the U.K? It’s just another unlawful, shady, VIP Lane for potential investors looking for sweet deals, and tax-avoidance schemes, in return for political donations to the Tory Party. Should we mention, possibility of millions being made by MP’s taking up shares in advance of government promoted industries? Quite certain the term ‘opportunities’ means opportunities for MP’s to grow their own wealth.

    Opposition parties, independent researchers, and journalists, would do well to follow the money trail, and scrutinise at every opportunity the U.K government’s spurious machinations.


    1. Rees-Mogg is another liability – but many Tories love the smug, arrogant toff. He’s the sort of person they aspire to!
      He is a profiteer without morals.
      Why isn’t all this corruption being reported??

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