The Corona Diaries – Day 691

An unbelievably bright sunny day with blue skies – although the temperature was around seven degrees. I prefer at least twenty seven.

It’s been a slow day. Working in my room, editing, putting up posters and trying to sort out our Energy supplier!!

Once upon a time everything was easy. We got our electricity from the electricity board, our gas from the gas board and water from the waterboard. There was no need to renew contracts ever. You just paid your bills. Simple.

Then some bright Tory spark assured us that competition was a great thing and would reduce our bills.

Now I receive my electricity from a public schoolboy who set up a firm operating out of the Seychelles and has made himself a fortune. My gas is provided by a fruit seller in France and the water company is based in Saudi Arabia,

Far from my bills coming down, in order to keep them at a low level every year I have to shop around and negotiate new contracts. If I don’t the bills go up enormously. I have to do this for everything – energy, internet, TV, insurance….. It takes hours.

My energy contract is coming to an end. I have to sort a new one. This afternoon I have been on the phone for three hours to my energy company (Together Energy). I’m sick to death with the bland piano music interrupted by a voice apologising.

What a waste of one’s life!! I think I’d rather pay a little bit more. Nationalise the lot!! Take the profits back from these smartarse business men!!

Fortunately, I’ve been able to play some Tinariwen in order to keep me sane!! (Am I sane?)

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Boris Johnson is unavailable. A common ploy. When there’s a crisis he has a habit of disappearing. This time it seems that one of his family has Ciovid. Highly convenient.

I do hope they keep him. With him at the helm the Tories will sink completely. He’s a liability.

If I have to hear another of his sycophants trotting out garbage about what a great job he’s done with Covid and Brexit I think I’ll be sick.

If doing a great job is negotiating an atrocious Brexit deal and managing to create the most covid deaths in the world along with the most damaged economy, I suppose he’s performed. The man is a lying, inept imbecile!!

What he has done well is to give all his cronies a lot of money!!


So, yesterday there were 109,133 new cases. It is coming down quite steeply now. However there were another 335 deaths!! Far from finished!!

Johnson is beset by more graphic images – the poor Queen (I can’t believe I said that) sitting on her own mourning the death of her husband while they partied in Downing Street. Tales of booze being brought in using wheeled suitcases to avoid the press.

I don’t think that this is going away any time soon!!

Then there’s poor old Novaxx being kicked out of Oz again.

If you choose not to be vaccinated then there’s a price to pay!! I think he should think more about others!!

Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 691

  1. 99,652 new cases today. Not so bad! But the deaths are, to an extent, “baked in” to the cases of a few weeks ago.

    You won’t ever “sort out” your energy supplier, Opher. No point even trying. They’re all in the same bed. Trying to make as money as they can as quickly as possible! And using green policies to screw us all.

    As to Djokovic, I’m on his side. The Aussie political class changed the rules while he was in the air. Now they’re coming down hard on him, to try to disguise their incompetent lockdown policies.

    1. Yes there is a lag. It is possible that we have got through this – though I suspect there are a few twists and turns still to come.
      Lol – no energy suppliers are a law unto themselves.
      As for Novaxx. I’ve no sympathy. I don’t think Oz changed the rules. Queensland should not have told him it was OK. It wasn’t OK. If he wanted to play he should have been vaccinated. If he chose not to then there’s a price to pay. Simple.
      I have zero sympathy with him. Rules should apply to everyone equally.
      On top of that the fool is utterly irresponsible. He went to an award ceremony and held interviews having supposedly tested positive – or was that a concocted story to get him into Oz??

    1. We’ve had socialism a few times. It was responsible for bringing us our NHS and social programmes, workers rights and fair pay. It’s why we have so much better work conditions here – more holidays, maternity leave, sickness benefits, pensions. Socialism works.

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