The Corona Diaries – Day 686

It was slightly warmer today. It zoomed up to 6 degrees!! The sun was shining. The sky was blue. We headed off to Bridlington, took a walk up the hill overlooking the sweep of the bay. It was clear. We could see the full range of the distant cliffs. The near cliffs stood stark, gleaming in the sunlight. The sea looked calm and peaceful. We had tea and teacakes and then went home!!

Good to be outside but I was wrapped up like the cocoon of some silkworm – jumpers, hoody and coat!! It was a wonder I could walk. I resembled the Michelin man. But I was warm!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the despicable government staggers on with its clown of a leader attempting to look like a normal human being. They’ve got two years to try to get people to forget what they really are:- to get the image of arrogant sleazebags out of their minds, to rid themselves of the images of sleazy profiteers with their snouts in the trough, of elitists who feel entitled to do what they want, to forget that Tories think that they make rules and laws for the small people but they themselves do not have to follow them. I wonder if they will succeed?? I wonder how gullible the populace will be?

I wonder if Labour will get its act together; if Starmer will stop being like a watered-down Tory. At least Raynor is taking the fight to the sordid Tories.

So yesterday there were 141,000 new cases with 313 deaths. It looks as if the infection rate is coming down but hospitalisations are still on the increase and deaths are zooming up. There is a lag. There could be a rise in hospital entrances and deaths for a while yet. Maybe we are reaching herd immunity?? Vaccination and infection is creating a pool of immunity.

I think we have to wait for a while yet. One only has to look across the channel to France to see what the virus can do.

The UK is the first European country to pass 150,000 deaths!! Yipppeeee!! We win again!!

Zahawi has lowered isolation after contracting covid to 5 days. Nothing political about that is there?

He also assures us that there are no plans for halting the free supply of lateral flow tests. That’s good. Or is it?? We haven’t had any lateral flow tests available since before Christmas!

That makes a bit of a mockery of the figures, doesn’t it??

It’s going to become necessary for all NHS staff to be vaccinated. That is likely to lead to an exodus of NHS staff. Just what we need huh? Following twelve years of Tory cuts to the public services, Brexit and the hostile environment. We’ve driven tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and carers out!! Yippppeee!!! Brexit was great, wasn’t it???

How to impoverish a country in 1 easy lesson!!

Should we have compulsory vaccination?

If you are vaccinated you are less likely to get ill and die!

If you are vaccinated you are less likely to transmit the virus.

So vaccination is good for the individual and good for the society they live in.

Of course, it does not mean you can’t catch the virus and transmit it! It just reduces the chances.

Vaccination is all about maths!!

Stay safe!!

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