The Corona Diaries – Day 379

It was a beautiful day in Yorkshire. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the teens!! We took a walk up my hill and had a clear view over to the sea and the Humber bridge.

Not much in the way of wildlife, a few blackbirds and a dozen or so crows. Everywhere was hunkered down waiting for the real onslaught of winter.

I decided that next year would be a good time to head off into the sun for three months!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the virus is busy going mad and, as usual, our resident chancer is nowhere to be seen. He’s meant to be running the country but is most probably shagging, guzzling expensive wine and gorging on free meals while he schemes and works out an escape strategy. He’ll probably be earning a few million as a lobbyist and a few million more on the dinner circuit.

The Tories are in disarray, bickering. The ERG are split. Most want covid to rip. Some want Johnson out now. Some want Sunak. Some want Truss. The long knives are half out of their scabbards. The ‘Red Wall’ Tories are eyeing the polls and seeing Johnson as a liability. They can’t see anybody else that will be as popular with working-class voters though.

That’s so ironic that working-class people are so easily conned by wealthy over-privileged, entitled millionaires who put on a jolly facade, crack a few jokes and promise the earth, only to deliver fuck all.

These people – Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Erdogan – are rich, cynical conmen. They got where they are by lying, pretending and exploiting. They are incompetent, self-interested and do not care one jot about ordinary people.

Today Gove was questioned about the decision to spend £330,000 fixing potholes in Tory Peer – Lord Gage’s drive. I wonder if they’ll give me £330,000 of tax-payers money for a few projects I have in mind? Is this what we pay taxes for? To be given to Tory Peers??

They can’t stop being sleazy!! They are intrinsically arrogant. It’s bred into them.

Why can’t people see that? These idiots have been brought up in a cosseted life. They feel smug and superior and think they can get away with murder.

Well actually they are. What’s the death rate now?? According to the government it’s 147,000, according to an independent source it’s 174,000. That’s a lot of dead people! Of course, it’s nothing to do with the appalling way they’ve handled things. No.

So yesterday there were 162,572 more cases in England alone! There were 154 more dead!

The hospitals are on their knees, absentee rates are up 25% because of covid, ambulances are piling up outside hospitals. Cases are rising fast.

The trouble is that they have allowed the virus to get completely out of control. There were 189,846 cases on New Year’s eve. The time for bringing in simple measures to slow the spread has gone. They did not want to do anything unpopular over Christmas and New Year so they ignored the scientists and did nothing. Johnson has a strategy to deal with any crisis – he simply disappears and hopes it goes away.

The Tories are frantically hoping that vaccination will be enough!!

Javid says we have to learn to live with it and Plan B will suffice. Nobody really knows what Plan B actually is or if there is a Plan B.

I suspect Plan B is to pretend everything is OK, massage the figures and allow the NHS to collapse so that they can sell it to the Yanks.

Whatever! It’s a very bad time to be ill with anything. The Tories have run down the NHS to breaking point and covid is breaking it. Brexit drove countless doctors and nurses away and we’re living with the consequences.

Do they care???? No – as long as they can still make a lot of money everything is alright!!

Stay safe!! The capitalists have it sorted!!

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