The Corona Diaries – Day 633

A very foggy day today. It stopped me from going for a walk. I’ve been immersed in sorting music and playing a lot of different stuff – Pete Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Elmore James and John Martyn were the main ones!

A laid-back day!!

I also went and did some shopping. That felt strange. Masks and social distancing prevailed but I sense there is a lot of apprehensions around.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, we are stiff suffering from the time of the buffoon. What is quite clear is that our clown is completely out of his depth; he’s trying to wade in the middle of the ocean and can’t understand why he can’t feel the bottom. He was fine when it came to making funny speeches and jolly japes but this isn’t the 6th Form common room in Eton; it’s the real thing. He has clearly demonstrated that he is useless at understanding any of the details and making decisions. Everything is off the cuff. Everything is overestimated, badly thought through and utterly vacuous. Whether it’s Brexit, Covid or even the day to day stuff it’s like putting Tommy Cooper in charge of the country. I take that back. Tommy Cooper was a lot cleverer than Johnson. He’d have made a better job of things.

How did we allow this clown to negotiate a Brexit that has put Ireland in a dire situation, ruined the fishing industry, wrecked agriculture, imposed a mass of red tape and tariffs and cost us many tens of billions? How did we tolerate the lies??

Brexit was a huge mistake and this cretin was instrumental in that, but having taken the stupid decision to distance ourselves and pull out of Europe we could have negotiated a deal that would have been far less destructive. But no. Our clown, along with the neanderthal maniacs of the ERG, went for the worst of all worlds. Nuts. We are already beginning to see the disaster it is destined to become. The SUNNY UPLANDS are really decades of austerity and shortages.

Then we have ended up with a Billy Bunter clown backed up by the most extreme bunch of right-wing lunatics we have ever hard. Not only are they rabid but they are completely insane. Watching them in the House of Commons or in interviews is very like watching Monty Python sketches on the upper-class twits:

Forget about masks, social distancing or any sensible guidance, they sit there on the front bench without their masks, setting an example, secure in the Conviviality. I thought I saw Rees-Mogg in that sketch.

The man investigating the illegal parties in Downing Street has had to step down because of holding illegal parties. You couldn’t write it. Fills me with immense confidence.

The one good piece of news for Boris Johnson is that Worzel Gummidge is coming back onto TV so he has a ready-made role to step straight into. Talk about revolving doors!!

So yesterday there was another jump to 93,045 new cases with another 111 deaths. Omicron cases lept to 10,000. London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a major incident. Omicron is doubling every one and a half days. Cases are the worst they’ve ever been. There are calls from scientists for a circuit breaker. The hospitals are filling up (mainly with the unvaccinated), staff are going off ill, people are cancelling bookings, the whole entertainment and hospitality sectors are crashing, but it’s all OK.

You might expect the government to make an announcement or two, give some clear advice, but no.

Officially Johnson has announced there is nothing to worry about. It’s just plebs dying. He says that they are going to boost everybody. Presumably, those too stupid to get a jab can suffer the consequences. The relaxation of rules was IRREVERSIBLE. Pile up the bodies. The economy comes first. There’s money to be made!! No need for a circuit breaker. He’s promised a ‘normal’ Christmas. That’s what we’re going to have even if it kills us!! This is populist politics – give the public what they want and hang the consequences.

I realised long ago that these fools are playing politics and making lousy decisions, so I will do my own thing. I’m avoiding indoors and severely limiting my contacts even though, as a triple vaccinated person, I should be quite safe.

But, one glance at the figures is enough to show me that this is going to be a far from normal Christmas.

Stay Safe – don’t let Christmas or populism kill you!

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