The Corona Diaries – Day 625

Bright, sunny and cold. That’s today in Yorkshire.

I’m still sorting my room. I think it’s going to be a big job!! DIY is not my thing. Good tools would help! Never mind.

I’ve shortly got to go off and buy some wood and rawplugs! Wish me luck!!

I haven’t done any editing today but I have been playing some music to lift the spirits – A bit of Love!! Always a good choice!!

I’m watching the events out in Coronaland with interest. I’m just hoping this proves the end of our resident clown with his posse of nationalist extremists. They’ve done more than enough wrecking!!

So wallpapergate is coming back to bite him hard on the heels of partygate. He hasn’t got over sleazegate or lawbreakinggate yet. Every day is liegate followed by blustergate and ineptigate.It’d be funny if it wasn’t so incredibly bad. How one man can make such a mess and cost us so many tens of billions is simply unbelievable. It’s amazing how forgiving people can be. But I think, with the polls plummeting that the backbenchers will be baying for blood. They want their Rishi at the helm!!

As Patton said – The Tory Party has been taken over by a bunch of nationalist extremists!! It’s been a sad few years. Brexit empowered the fascists. They’ve all crawled out of the woodwork.

Isn’t is great to have such a sharp mind at the centre of power; someone perceptive, analytical, a stickler for detail, thorough and methodical. Just what you need in a crisis. What with Brexit and covid we’re not short of crises.

So yesterday we had 51,342 new cases with 148 deaths. That still seems a lot of deaths to me!! I thought we were supposed to have a good antiviral drug now???

They are warning us about the Omicron variant. If it is as bad as the Delta it will overwhelm the NHS. It probably isn’t and won’t – but you can’t tell. They are advising the unvaccinated to avoid crowds.

It seems the symptoms of Omicron are a bit different. You tend to get a headache, have a runny nose and sneeze a lot. On top of that you could develop a sore throat, loss of smell and a cough.

Not sure I want any of those!! But I do have a runny nose!!

Stay Safe!!! The day of the long knives is coming!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 625

  1. Opher, it’s clear that Johnson’s days in power are numbered. What I think has happened is that in the last few days, even the core Establishment have turned against him. And the media are now regurgitating things they have held back for months. That’s why “wallpapergate” has re-surfaced.

    The ones who are doing the spadework to bring him down, though, are his own back-benchers. You call them “nationalist extremists,” but they aren’t that. They are the last remnant of people of honesty in the political system we suffer under. Many of them were Brexiteers; and for the same reason as me. Not because they liked the current UK system, but because they hated the self-important, dictatorial, unaccountable EU.

    I’m not sure that they all want their Rishi Sunak, though. The nationalist extremists will want Patel and her police state, but there are others. Javid has to be in the frame; and there might even be an English challenge by Davis or Baker. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that the next UK prime minister will have a five-letter surname.

    1. That’s a good bet there Neil!! I’m with you on that! But – they are extreme nationalists – rabid and loony with it!!
      Goodbye Johnson – your buffoonery is nearly over!! Thank heavens!! How much ineptitude can any country stand??

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