The Corona Diaries – Day 623

With the aftermath of storm Barra still dumping rain on us, it hasn’t been too pleasant a day. I ventured out to get some supplies and then set about sorting out my room.

I’m reorganising. It’s taken a lot of work, putting up shelves, chucking stuff out. I’ve really only just started. I have a vision!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our bumbling liar continues to deny knowing anything about the party that was taking place in his own house!! I have rarely seen such a shambling performance as he tried to deflect and prevaricate.

Starmer took him apart.

What an embarrassment. He has spent a week lying to us until leaked recorded broadcasts showed his staff practising how to lie to the media and laughing at how easily we are fooled.

Do you think this was a one-off?? These Tories feel they are so superior and entitled that they really don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of us. They are laughing at us.

Thank you to the whistle-blower!!

These are the arrogant imbeciles who we elected! Happy?? Why do so many people keep giving this incompetent fool so much leeway!!

Yesterday I watched this bumbling fool dressing up like some comedy policeman.

He loves dressing up and looking a twat. He thinks it makes him popular. It seems to work. A lot of people seem to want a useless millionaire clown instead of a proper serious politician.

Once again this stupid right-wing initiative, brought in to deflect from the shambles that is going on, is doomed to failure.

We do have a real drugs crisis. It’s been created by prohibition. Prohibition has created a wave of crime and put countless billions in the pockets of criminals. How many thousands of deaths?? How much misery??

Prohibition doesn’t work. Another dose of stronger prohibition is not going to work – just more of the same!! Until such time as we start treating drugs as a health issue and not a criminal one, we are doomed to have this immense problem. Having our PM looking like a clown in a party-time police costume hardly creates the image we need!!

Knee-jerk reactions never solve problems.

This is the government that took away the funding from the drug rehabilitation centres, that closed down the youth clubs, that took bobbies off the street. They have spent the last twelve years making the drug problem worse. Now they are after blaming the public for their stupidity!

We don’t need to lock people up; we need to educate them, not pour out lying propaganda and provide health centres.

Legalise drugs and put in the necessary support. Take the clown out of politics and put a real leader in!

so, yesterday there were another 51,342 new cases with another 180 deaths. It keeps coming and coming. The Omicron variant is beginning to spread alarmingly. They say that by Christmas it will be the dominant variant.

Is that bad or good?

It’ll be good if the Omicron variant doesn’t make you really ill. We’ll gain natural immunity from catching it. If it displaces nastier versions that could be to our advantage. We’ll see.

One bit of good news is that the Pfizer vaccine is effective with 3 shots!!

The bad news might be that Omicron can infect those who are vaccinated or have had the disease.

For now it is the Johnson Delta variant that is killing people and still spreading like mad.

If you remember Johnson was stupidly saying, as he relaxed ALL the regulations, that the relaxation of rules IRREVERSIBLE. How could it be irreversible?? A single variant can change the whole game. The man’s a fool.

Now, with the virus going mad, they are having to look at Christmas and bring back rules. They are poised to bring in Plan B.

The thing is how can anybody take him seriously? He makes the rules. We have to follow the rules by force of law. The Tories break the rules and laugh. Johnson lies about it. How can anybody take him seriously? Will they follow him now??

Stay safe. We’ve always been on our own.

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