The Corona Diaries – Day 622

A very cold frosty start! I set off for an early walk and slid about a lot!! Don’t really fancy a broken bone or two!! Got back OK.

I’ve been doing a bit of editing and measuring – I’m going to be applying my Do-It-Yourself skills!! I know. Don’t laugh!! I’m completely doing out my office/den and putting up shelves for the CDs so I can find them easier. I’m moving my writing desk and generally moving stuff around. Should keep me busy.

Storm Barra is beginning to make itself known – wind picking up, rain and freezing temperature. Could be quite breezy by tonight!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our clown prince is starting another war on drugs in order to deflect from his illegal gatherings, sleazy deals and general incompetence. Looks like he might get away with it too!! Despite the fact that his disgusting law-breaking was worse than that of Dominic Cummings I don’t hear the war drums. The shit slides off him. It’s Trump all over again. For some reason people excuse these people everything. They could commit mass murder (actually, they have) and people would just shrug.

The most right-wing extremist government we’ve ever had is sliding along merrily pocketing our money and arrogantly ignoring all laws, rules and morality. They really are disgusting.

So, gradually we descend into an uncaring society that pillories scared, starving refugees, accepts profiteering, thinks that the poor deserve all they get and supports this unpleasant bunch of over-privileged twats who are busy ransacking the country and putting us in debt for generations to come.

Enjoy your austerity.

So yesterday we had another 50,850 new cases with another 180 deaths (only 41 on the official site!!). It’s still spreading.

The Omicron is now establishing itself in a number of regions. There were another 101 recorded cases taking the total to 437. But they think it’s spreading by stealth and evading tests!! The new variant is infecting kids more than the delta and seems to cause different symptoms – fatigue, rashes, loss of appetite and headaches. Early signs are that it is more transmissible than the Johnson variant.

The good news is that the drug sotrovimah works against it and so far (early days) nobody has been hospitalised! Maybe it is less lethal?? Time will tell.

I bet you’re all glad we’ve got a clown in charge!!

Stay safe!! Just a matter of time!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 622

  1. Well Opher, I took on Storm Barra today, and survived it.

    I had to take my car to be serviced and MOT’d. I decided to walk back; about 10 miles. I’ll pick it up tomorrow, and I’ll probably walk. It was a lot of fun while the rain wasn’t too hard. Contrary to the Met Office, the wind was more behind me than against. My hour long pub stop, sitting by the fire, was much needed! The weather got nastier on the home stretch, though.

    I’m coming to suspect that “omicron” may not actually be COVID-19 at all?

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