The Corona Diaries – Day 621

It’s another cold, dank, foggy day in Yorkshire, not nice. However, being resolute I still took my walk up my hill. Soggy wet leaves, muddy road, fog-laden fields. Not as pleasant as in summer.

Not a lot to see – blackbirds and a small flock of finches. Very quiet.

Back home I’ve completed the rewrite/reorganisation/edit of my Beefheart book. It’s looking good. I will keep going through, reading, trying to improve the flow, making corrections, until I am happy. Then I’ll send it in to the publishers.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown of a leader lies through his teeth. On a day when 54 people died of covid, families were forcibly kept apart, people were fined for breaking quarantine, police were involved in breaking up parties and fining hosts £10,000, Boris Johnson was holding illegal parties in 10, Downing Street.

While we were locked down the Tories were partying. The rules don’t apply to them. While we were being fined and threatened for meeting up with relatives Tories were galavanting together.

But Boris Johnson assures us no covid rules were broken. Then he’s a liar!

Under Tier 3 it was illegal for anybody to meet up apart from essential work.

So how is it that 40-50 Tories met up?

How can social distancing apply when they were crammed in one small room?

How can they pretend it was ‘work’ when there were alcoholic drinks, party games and nibbles?

These parties happened on a number of occasions.

Does he think we are stupid?

Are the police in his pocket?

There is no way on earth that the Tory parties did not contravene the law!!

As Tom Peck said – this is not about hypocrisy or even one rule for them and another for us; it’s about criminality!

Lock the lot of them up!!

So, yesterday there were another 51,459 new cases with 54 more deaths. Another 90 Omicron cases putting them up to 336.

Omicron is now out of control and spreading through the community. Within weeks it will be the dominant variant.

Is that good or bad? Well if it is less deadly than the Johnson Delta variant then it might not be too bad. If it is no less deadly and evades vaccines and reinfects those who have had it and is more transmissible it could be a disaster. Time will tell.

Those paying exorbitant prices quarantining in crappy rooms with lousy food are beginning to complain. They want the same food and drinks package that the Tories get at their illegal parties!! Unlike the Tories they are paying for theirs!!

It has come to light that a further 46 VIP PPE deals were given out to Tory chums. Befriend a Tory and get yourself a multimillion-pound deal!! You don’t even have to deliver. Just put together a lot of shoddy crap in your front room and they’ll not only pay you a few million but will store it at taxpayers expense!! You can’t lose!! You can walk off with a fortune.

Why work yourself silly for peanuts when you can become rich by doing nothing! Become a Tory!

Sarah Gilbert (our covid vaccine scientist): Next pandemic could be more lethal than Covid!! Perhaps a good idea for us and the world to put some money in!!

Stay safe!! Party party party! Pretend you’re a Tory!!

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