The Corona Diaries – Day 620

It’s been drizzly and cold so I consigned myself to a day of writing – reorganising and editing my Captain Beefheart book. Reorganisation requires a great deal of concentration or you can lose things and everything becomes confused.

I have got on top of it. The editing is going well – something I have to thank my friend Steve Froy for. He’s a Beefheart genius – great inspiration.

It is really good to get a real run at a piece of writing. While I can happily spend twelve hours nonstop writing something straight out of imagination – the ideas flow and carry me along – editing is more difficult. It requires a different kind of concentration, objectivity and analysis. I find I have to do it in bursts and stop after an hour to go and do something – even if it is only to make a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland there should be mounting fury. I’m not sure there is. The Tory Christmas Party Scandal.


He broke the rules and drove to Barnard Castle with the stupid excuse of testing his eyes!!

Boris Johnson flouted the rules that he and his party had introduced and held festive drinks parties in Number 10 for hundreds!! This was at the time that they had brought in tough laws for US!! We got fined for having friends round for a party. We got fined for going too far from home!! We could not meet up with family. We could not travel. Sick relatives could not be visited and died alone in hospital wards. We had the police busting in on us, neighbours reporting us and drones filming dog walkers.

Yet the Tories were all getting together in No. 10 for drinks and party games!!

One rule for you – another for us!!

I think that is ten times worse than what Cummings did!!

Even Raab admits that a party at Downing Street would have broken the rules.

Johnson states that no rules were broken. How can that possibly be??? If they had a social gathering of any description they were breaking the rules. Alcohol and games. On two occasions!!! How can that not be breaking the rules!

There’s one word for it – LIAR!!!

The usual Johnson response to all the lies and sleaze is to ignore it, to refuse to go on TV, refuse to answer reporters, to never apologise or explain, just keep his head down and wait for it to blow over.

People have short memories. He counts on the stupid not remembering. He thinks he can arrogantly disregard it all. He thinks that they put it all down to ‘just Boris being Boris’. But it’s not, is it?

It’s deceit and indicative of the underlying arrogance that is the Tory manner. They feel entitled to do what they like. They get away with murder.

It’s like that arrogant profiteering toff Ree-Mogg said: Jacob Rees-Mogg says: a “convivial fraternal spirit” means the Conservatives do not need to wear masks in the House of Commons “We on this side know each other.” So the rest of us peasants have to wear masks but the Tories don’t!!

How the privileged pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant!!

So, yesterday there were 42,848 new cases with 127 more deaths. A little down but it is the weekend. We’ll see.

There were another 86 Omicron cases and a leading scientist says that the border arrangements have come too late. They should have been monitoring what was going on around the world and reacting quicker. A pattern of behaviour.

Right now the government is still pretending that we are back to normal. There is no need for plan B although there is likely to be stringent measures after Christmas. The indoors socialising will spread the Omicron very nicely. A Christmas present from the government to the virus.

The NHS is incredibly overstretched (having been starved of funds for twelve years by the Tories). It is already dreading the usual winter surge of illnesses. If the Omicron takes off and causes hospitalisations it’s in trouble.

I suppose that the government is planning just like they’ve done with everything else – Brexit, Covid, hauliers, tariffs, Northern Ireland, trade deals, supply lines, veg pickers, fishermen………………… immaculate planning ahead and solving problems NOT!!!

Their hostile environment and Brexit frenzy has driven nurses, doctors and carers out. The response – a shrug of the shoulders.

They do not care.

Stay safe!! We’re in the hands of profiteering, sleazy morons!

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