The Corona Diaries – Day 618

Not quite so cold today. The snow has melted and it is no longer icy. I worked on my Captain Beefheart book, listened to some Talking Heads and then we walked into Driffield for a gelato at Robertos. Scrumptious and indulgent.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the Tories dipped 10% in the by-election. I am amazed any fools are still voting for them People are blind. Like Trump they must be laughing themselves silly. They know that the sheep will still vote for them no matter what they do. Sleaze, corruption, self-serving – means nothing. The Turkeys vote for Christmas.

Yesterday we had another 53,067 new cases with 143 deaths. It’s going up!

The Omicron variant is already spreading!! We have 42 confirmed cases now!! Looks like that genie is out of the bottle. Fortunately, we have splurged £37 billion on a track and trace system so that should be alright then. Surely, with £37 billion they can keep the lid on a mere 42 cases? I reckon I could do that myself! If only I was a Tory I could probably get a multimillion contract to do just that. You don’t need experience or results. Just deposit the cash directly to the Cayman Islands.

So now, without any leadership, we are tottering towards a future lockdown with more and more restrictions.

Better late than never.

It seems that this Omicron variant likes reinfecting those who have already had it!!

Perhaps it’ll get Johnson at one of his illegal Number 10 gatherings. That’d be poetic justice!!

I wonder how keen the nurses, with their pay-cut rewards, will be to sit up with him through night after night saving him from death?

Hopefully, the whole cabinet will be at the drinks party at Number 10 and the whole lot of the entitled, overprivileged arseholes will go down with Omicron. Serves the elitist, arrogant, rule-breaking bastards right!!

We can but hope!!

Stay safe!! It’s just a pandemic!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 618

  1. Opher, the new case figures I see at Worldometers are 50,120 yesterday and 42,848 today, not the figure you quote. What is going on? It’s not impossible that Johnson and co are deliberately fudging the figures, for example by holding back cases already reported in order to make the next week’s figures scarier.

      1. Well, that’s interesting. Your source says it comes from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Our World in Data (OWID), and says “Last updated 1 day ago,” meaning I think that these are yesterday’s figures. New cases for the last 4 days (December 1st to 4th) are shown as 47235, 53067, 50573, 41457.

        I downloaded today’s OWID data, and the figures are 47927, 53528, 51181 and 41574. It looks as if JHU and OWID, between them, are doing daily adjustment processing on the figures provided to them – which is fair enough. Cases look to be going up as delayed data comes in, also believable.

        For the same four days, Worldometers are showing 47614, 53447, 50120 and 42848. So, they are using a different set of figures from JHU and OWID.

        When I go to the UK coronavirus dashboard (, double click on Cases and then select Data above the graph of “cases by date reported” (the second one), I get 48374, 53945, 50584 and 42848. All these tally with the figures broken down by constituent countries, which I used for my last rant. The 42848 also tallies with the Worldometers figure, but the others are higher. Maybe these figures don’t include the “reported cases are sometimes removed if subsequent tests are negative” processing that is talked about on the Worldometers page for the UK?

        My inclination is to trust JHU and OWID over the other sources; but only to use the very latest data!

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