The Corona Diaries – Day 617

A descent into the depths of winter. I got up this morning to a scene of snow and have been cold all day!! The aerial we had repaired is broken again. Everything is gloomy. Days are short. It’s bloody freezing!!

I want to go somewhere warm!! Africa will do nicely!

I’ve been in all day playing some great Fleetwood Mac and editing my Beefheart book. Didn’t get out for a walk. Hardly been out.

It’s too bloody cold!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, it’s hotting up for our resident clown. In order to distract from the sleaze and corruption, the incompetence, cronyism and disasters he is doing what every populist clown has done – he’s looking for scapegoats, using racism and xenophobia and distracting everyone on to something else.

The French are handy.

The immigrant disaster is their fault.

Immigrants are foreigners. We don’t want them here.

The fact that Brexit has been a disaster and we do not have the workforce or skills to deliver so we are bringing in people from Africa and Asia to cover the shortages is being covered up. We’re busy replacing EU workers with other foreigners.

The shortages and rising costs are all due to world-wide problems – nothing to do with Brexit.

The covid mismanagement is ignored.

Nobody is challenging them. They are not being scrutinised. Their lies are not being exposed. They refuse to appear on TV. They have a huge majority in parliament so ride all the usual scrutiny there.

This lot are treating us with disdain. They think they can do what they like while we have to do what we’re told.

So the Tories Party while we are told to isolate!! We get fined if we break the rules and they can do what they want!!


It’s time Johnson got a severe metaphorical kick in the pants.

So, yesterday we had a big surge in cases – up to 53,945 with 171 deaths. Not good!!!

The WHO says delay boosters. They are obviously thinking we are going to need a new Omicron vaccine.

The evidence is mounting that the Omicron variant evades antibodies and reinfects people who’ve had covid as well as those vaccinated. Hence it will infect large numbers. There are a lot of hosts.

The good news is that it seems to be causing less severe illness and the vaccines work to an extent.

The other two bits of good news is that a Omicrom vaccine could be available in January and the drug sotrovimah should work.

That does raise the question as to why they are not using that drug on our extremely ill patients??? 171 deaths is a lot!

Stay safe!! Pandemics usually burn themselves out in around 3 years.

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