The Corona Diaries – Day 616

It was my writing group today and as it was raining when I returned I did not go for my customary walk. Instead, I’ve been doing some inside exercise, dealing with annoying insurance companies and doing some editing of the Captain Beefheart book.

A ‘not much happening’ day.

Out in Coronaland, it is also more of the same. The sleaze continues with Rees-Mogg finally being investigated for his ¬£6 million pounds interest-free loan. (I wish I could get one of those – I could make a fortune!!) Our inept leader is now panicking about the Omicron variant and so we’re back to wearing masks. I’ve never stopped. In shops I’ve always worn a mask.

This is about the sixth U-turn on masks. You put your masks on you take your masks off, off on, on off, you copy the silly toff!!

Oi Hokey Pokey Pokey!!

This twerp should have been a General in the First World War. He leads from the back, makes cock-up after cock-up, is always away from the action and sends thousands to their deaths due to his incompetence. He shows as much leadership as a stuffed wombat.

He says everyone can go to parties and nativity plays and his ministers and experts contradict him. Great to see clear leadership and clarity of thought and deed. Jelly fish are more together.

The truth of the matter is that we know lots more about the virus now. Its main mode of transmission is aerosol. A fine mist of virus that hangs in the air. It’s not so much about washing hands and wiping down surfaces as not breathing virus-laden air.

The clear advice should be:

Wear a mask to protect others (cuts transmission by 58%) in enclosed spaces

Limit time in enclosed spaces

Ventilate enclosed spaces

Use virus filtering air purifiers

Distance yourself from others

Spend as little time with strangers in enclosed spaces

When outside keep some distance, don’t stand too close to talk.

Work from home if possible

Get the jab and protect yourself and others (The jab stops you becoming very ill and dying – takes the strain off the NHS – and also cuts down your ability to transmit to others).

But the clown is not emphasising this. That is because he has secretly adopted a herd immunity policy. He is happy for us all to go down with covid as long as the NHS is not overwhelmed and we don’t make a fuss about the death rate (around a thousand a week).

The Tory policy on covid is to keep the economy making money for them while not losing votes – nothing to do with health, safety and good practice.

There is a call from campaigners for Tory Ministers and PM to face misconduct charges over the way they have handled covid. I’ll second that; they been not only useless and inept but aq positive danger!!

So, yesterday there were another 39,713 new cases with 159 deaths. If it goes down one day it’s up the next!

At least the government has learnt something from past mistakes (it’s taken them long enough!!). They are calling for face masks in shops and public transport. They are tightening borders and PCR testing arrivals with self-isolation.

Shame they did not do it all a year ago!!

They are calling all adults for booster jabs and 12-15 year-olds for 2nd jabs.

They are hoping the vaccine works against Omicron. 32 cases have now been identified in the UK.

Let us all praise Omicron. It could be our saviour from this pandemic. The WHO says that it seems to be more transmissible and less nasty. It only produces mild illness and the vaccines are still effective.

That sounds like the ideal variant to me!! It is fast to transmit, doesn’t make you ill and gives you immunity against nastier strains. Ideal!!

In Botswana 16 out of 19 known cases were asymptomatic!!

If the Omicron variant takes over we could all be back to normal!! Yipppeeee!!

No doubt tomorrow they’ll find that it’s much nastier than they thought!!

Stay safe!! The end is nigh!!

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