The Corona Diaries – Day 611

A great day today!! I’ll explain!!

I started the day working on my Captain Beefheart book while listening to Nick Drake. I completed the book. The first draft finished. 220 pages done.

Of course, now comes the equally hard part of re-reading and editing. But it is so good to get all that first draft down on paper. Now I know it works!

That now means that I have two books in the pipeline for publishing. My memoir of Roy Harper is rewritten. I will give it the last run-through before sending it off. The Beefheart one is ahead of schedule. Who knows?? I might be able to clear the decks for another Sci-fi novel next year?? I just might!!

So, late morning I set off on my walk feeling good. The sun was shining and the wind had dropped. It was cold but that just required the right type of clothing!!

On the way up the hill I checked on the dead deer. It had been dragged out into the field and the broken leg was missing. Apart from a loss of fur in places it hadn’t been eaten much. I had been expecting a bit more attention. Obviously, a fox had been at it and was content with a leg. I’ll check what happens as time goes by. Fascinating. I reckon a good number of our predators are dependent on roadkill.

At the top of the hill there was a fabulous view to the coast. It was so clear. Seagulls were hanging in the air and I watched two magpies.

On the way back a stoat ran across the road right in front of me with a vole in its mouth!!

A good day for nature!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our Peppa Pig maniac had stopped playing with his toy cars long enough to send a public tweet to the French. He’s been watching Trump, who he models himself on, and thinks that this is the way to do things. All diplomacy and international commerce is henceforth to be openly carried out through the internet.

The clown obviously thought he’d circumvent normal channels, avoid the need for protracted discussions and just tell Johnny Foreigner what was what!! This is Great Britain. They should know their place!!

‘I say Macaroni, old chap, jolly stop these blighters from coming over in their silly boats and drowning.’

What a surprise that the French did not think that these diplomatic channels were appropriate and told him to fuck off. I listened to one French guy saying that how it was more usual to enter into discussion first before announcing the conclusion in a public statement.

So the French are of the opinion that as we’ve seized back control we can bloody well deal with it ourselves! We are no longer in partnership and we don’t take enough immigrants so it’s time, as we created the messes that led to the problem, for us to take a fair share.

Silly Boris!! Isn’t he a prize twerp. He hasn’t got a clue.

Yesterday was good news for the virus!! We zoomed up to 52,009 new cases and another 160 deaths!! Preparing for Christmas. It’s going to have a feast!!

The New (Nu) variant is causing a panic. Peppa has stopped all travel to South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong. Good. That’s the sort of thing he should have done in the first place instead of waving the Indian variant in.

This new one could be a game-changer. If it does invalidate vaccination we’re back to square on. It is more transmissible we’re in for a bad winter. If it is more lethal we’re in trouble. This does not sound like a good development.

It does prompt a few thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a global concerted response instead of the ineffective national silliness?

We get a new strain. Countries pull the drawbridge up and try to keep it out.

What if there was a massive response from the WHO (from all countries) to send in teams, mass vaccinate, quarantine, treat, track and trace and eradicate the variant before it got going? Wouldn’t that be more sensible and cheaper in the long run?

The variant is already in Israel and Belgium. It’s probably here too but we don’t know it yet. If it isn’t it will be soon.

The trouble with our insular policies is that we vaccinate our population to protect the NHS but have a herd immunity policy for the unvaccinated which allows the virus to spread like mad (and a death rate of 1000 a week). We don’t vaccinate the poorer countries so they become breeding grounds. The more virus cases – the more mutations.

The virus mutates at a standard rate. Sooner or later we either get a very very nasty version or a weaker version that takes over. It can go either way. Mutation and evolution are games of luck.

Feeling safe with these clowns in charge???

£37 billion on Track and Trace (probably all mostly in the Cayman Isles by now) and we are worse off than most of the world. Pretending it’s all over. It is quite probable that the worst is yet to come.

When the new variant gets into the country are you confident that our government has the ability to hunt it down and eradicate it??

I don’t think they know what they’re doing. It’s always seat of the pants time.

Stay safe!! Maybe a nice variant will come along??

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